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Instagram Hyperlapse
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  • I really don't care how they do it (or how clever their approach is when compared to M$).

    It's nice that they made it more democratic, but what I'm curious is, can we make it better with the tools readily available?

    Can we feed the original footage into AE/Premiere and get something as stable, with a simple workflow probably involving WarpStabilizer, but with absolute control on speed and frame blending?

  • Event location teaser I shot during our scouting trip. Had very little time as I am part of the event team so having this instant, always ready steadycam was a big plus. Main camera was a GH3 with Lumix 12-35 + Voigtländer 0.95 for nightshots.

    By the way, did you know that it's possible to fully control the Instagram Hyperlapse settings by tapping 4 times with 4 fingers on the screen. Allows you to for example change to 1080p 24fps :)