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Automated color grading
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  • Cheers @pwc! Have you tried searching for help in the Adobe forums?

  • Have you ever thought about selling your idea to red giant or new blue?

  • @GravitateMediaGroup Done that. No reply from Red Giant. New Blue were interested: I had a few exchanges but now the trail is cold.

  • Sorry to hear that. I still believe that your best chances are targeting a big gun (After Effects).

    They seem to have an extensive API but I guess you'd have to program the parts of the math framework you are using from MathLab.

    They do have great resources here:

    Good luck!

  • @duartix Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Hi everyone, I uploaded 2 new videos about Automatic Color Grading on Vimeo:

    The first one explain de method:

    The 2nd one shows a demo of the AE implementation :

  • Cheers @pwc.

    First of all thank you, for keeping this project alive.

    One question: Is Pixel Bender Accelerator really mandatory?

    Your second video on Vimeo lacks enough resolution to understand what's going on... :( Do you have a FullHD version available, or can you upload it to Youtube?

  • Yes please upload latest version i will feedback

  • @leonbeas I uploaded a better version here (11:AM post has also been updated with new link):

  • waiting for that better version link

  • @otcx I have uploaded both videos in a better version just follow any of the links above.

  • Just came across this. All I can say is wow! Is a plugin in the works? Please say yes.. Is there any way I can try it out in AE CC on a Mac? so excited! Thanks!

  • @allinthemind Unfortunately nothing is coming for Mac any time soon as I develop in a Windows environment.

    Since the August videos I have made further improvements but I really need someone competent with writing elaborate AE or PSP plugins as I am not. So if anybody in the PV community reads this post and can direct me to someone who is please drop me a PM.

    I will soon (in November) release a Photoshop plugin implementing a more traditional color grading method with a few novelties.

  • @pwc have you considered contacting the Hitfilm people? They recently turned a lot of their software into AE plugins. They may be interested in this too.

  • @pwc,Could please share the matlab code with me...

  • @Vitaliy I might be wrong but this seems like the Code and data for paper "Deep Photo Style Transfer" from Cornell Uni stuff and not adobe's, BTW powerfull -


  • Researchers from Cornell University and Adobe have teamed up and developed algorithm .

  • Geee I need microscope glasses ASAP, sorry about the noise, cheers