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RJ Lens Turbo m43 adapters
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  • RJ has sent the attached diagram which shows how to adjust the infinity focus. I would suggest you mark the current position before changing it. I have only one EOS lens right now so before changing it, I need to try other lenses to see how it performs.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 00.04.49.png
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  • Could anyone please help me out with understanding one thing...

    I have a GH3, and would like to put on the lens turbo. Problem is that I have lenses with M4/3 mount, Nikon mount, and Konica. For these lenses I use different adapters to adapt them to my GH3 mount. Now, if I put on the lens turbo, can I get it with M43 mount so that all my adapters for my different lenses still work? As far as I can see the lens turbo has mounts for Nikon, Canon, and some other but not with a M43 mount.

    I could imagine how awesome my Voigtlander 25 0.95 would be with the speedbooster!

  • @Adde

    Study this thing -

    As well as use some google to understand few things about lenses and mounts.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thanks for the reply Vitaliy, and thanks for the link. But that's not really what I asked, I'm well aware of different lenses and mounts and how it all works. My question is simply: Is there a lens turbo that still gives me a M43 mount to mount my other adapters for such as Nikon to M43. As far as I can see, there is not lens turbo or speed booster that offers that.

  • @Adde

    Of course not. If you concentrated the light and FOV of a M4/3 lens it would have to go and reduce and concentrate it onto something with a smaller sensor again, like 16mm. That's how lens boosters work. So yes, do read up a little on how lenses and boosters work.

    You can, at the risk of wobbliness and IQ as mentioned in earlier threads, get, say adapters to M42 mount: Nikon>M42, Canon>M42, etc etc. See those threads about stacking adapters.

  • @Adde

    I'm well aware of different lenses and mounts and how it all works

    ??...apparently not ! Even 3rd party lenses that would offer a sufficiently large image circle with m43 mounts , like the rokinson's for instance would not be able to be speedboostered because using the m43 mount version makes these lenses from the lens element to the flange longer allowing no space for a speedbooster. For example, look at the specs for the robikon 14mm ef and m43 versions. The ef version is 3.8 " long while the m43 is 4.76" . That length difference is where the speedbooster would fit. So if you want to use a speedbooster , it's got to have sufficient space between the lens elements and the flange.

  • Yeah...if you were well aware of "how it all works" You wouldn't have the questions you're would know that a m4/3 to m4/3 speedbooster is impractical/impossible for more than one reason.

  • Alright, enough lambasting the kid. @Adde, you came across as pretty arrogant, saying you know all about lenses when it's clear that you do not, so that's why you're getting the response you are. I'll try to help you a bit more.

    The whole idea of a speed booster is that it is taking lenses that were designed to focus the light onto a 35mm frame of film or 35mm sensor, and refocus that light down closer to the ~17mm of the m43 sensor. So that's why there are speedbooster adapters for the Canon, Nikon (designed to hit 35mm) to m4/3. It's focusing it from something bigger to something smaller.

    The cheep dumb adapters with no glass in it allow you to mount those old 35mm lenses on your m4/3 camera, but they aren't changing the light at all. They are simply moving the lens to the correct distance away from your camera so the light is focused when it hits the sensor. But there is also a lot of extra light hitting the camera around your sensor that would be hitting the 35mm film if it was on the camera it was designed for. That's why the shots are tighter. You are really only seeing a small rectangle crop of the image projected by the lens onto your sensor.

    Now, a m4/3 lens is designed to focus the light only onto a m4/3 size sensor, so it doesn't have this extra area of focused light, because it's not designed to hit 35mm film (or sensor). There could be a speedbooster from a m4/3 lens to something with an even smaller sensor, but off the top of my head (I'm sure there ARE some out there) I can't think of an interchangeable lens system with a smaller than m4/3 sensor. But if you

    I hope this helps you understand a bit more.

  • Sorry to jump on the lambasting bandwagon! I forget not everyone is as much as a gear nerd who researches everything. I guess Vitaliy's chart isn't as helpful if you don't' understand why certain lens mounts can't be adapted...

  • By saying that I understand how it works I did not mean the lens turbo, but more if another adapter stacked to the lens turbo would work. I didnt mean to sound arrogant at all actually, and I cant understand that people get so offended over a simple question. Anyhow, Blazer and all other that explained, thank you very much, appreciate it a lot!

  • @JBraddock

    how to adjust the infinity focus. I would suggest you mark the current position before changing it. I have only one EOS lens right now so before changing it, I need to try other lenses to see how it performs.

    Have you tried other lenses on your RJ yet?

    Out of the box, my RJ's infinity focus turned out to be way off! Luckily, it's easy to mark rotation notches in the RJ with a good pair of magnifying loupe-glasses and the finest jeweller's screwdriver. I'm quite happy to leave that screw out. It's so tiny that if left loose it could come off into (!!!) the camera.

  • I can't think of an interchangeable lens system with a smaller than m4/3 sensor

    @blazer003 1, pentax q, samsung nx mini

  • @goanna,

    Unfortunately no. I was planning to try my friend's Canon 24-105 but he had to travel so it couldn't happen. My friends are usually Nikon guys.

  • IMO RJ adapter is the best adapter.

    1. Price
    2. Design
    3. Very good optical quality just as good as Metabones.

    Ok, so I have the Metabones, RJ speed booster and the Mitakon.

    In terms of sharpness IMO opinion the Mitakon is the best. However, it is ever so slightly better and you have to pixel peep to notice the difference. The Mitakon has the biggest shift in terms of color in comparison to the Metabones and RJ speed booster.

    In terms of design I prefer the foot of the RJ speed booster over the Metabones for several reasons. The detachable arca swiss compatible foot on the RJ speed booster can be removed with just a simple turn of a knob, the Metabones requires tools to remove the arca swiss foot. Also the RJ speed booster arca swiss foot has more clearance then the Metabones so if you have a larger lens this will be very helpful.

    I use Arca swiss compatible quick release clamps and plates for all of my gear. The Metabones arca swiss compatible foot is really really small so if you try to adapt another arca swiss quick release plate to the Metabones foot you will need to take the plate off each time when removing the plate from the Metabones foot because it will hit the camera. The RJ speed booster does not have this problem because the foot is bigger so I can leave my quick release plate on at all times. I buy arca swiss plates and put them on all the gear that I have the problem with the Metabones/RJ speed booster foot is that they do not have the safety pin that will prevent your camera from sliding off the tripod onto the floor etc.

    This is difficult to imagine if you don't have the gear but trust me it makes a big difference and saves time.

    Here is a drop box link to see the results.

  • The detachable arca swiss compatible foot on the RJ speed booster can be removed with just a simple turn of a knob.

    Like that my idea and time pushing it resulted in happy users :-)

  • Yes very helpful indeed and this is why I prefer this over the Metabones, of course the price is really sweet too :-) you could purchase 3 RJ speed boosters for the price of 1 Metabones speed booster. Thanks Vitaliy....

  • @Azo

    Ok, so I have the Metabones, RJ speed booster and the Mitakon.In terms of sharpness IMO opinion the Mitakon is the best.

    that's a pretty big claim and owning all 3 , that's puts you in a distinctly good position to make it...but considering this , what do you think about caldwell's test ?

    ...not that I don't believe you, but do you have any images to support ? And is that the mitakon v1 or v2 ? thanks

  • @kurth

    Did you look at the images from the drop box link? there is your proof. And if you don't believe me that is your prerogative. I have nothing to gain buy showing my results however Caldwell may have his own ulterior motives. I am showing my results from the tests that I conducted on all three speed boosters, and as far as I am concerned they are all good. However knowing what I know now I would purchase the RJ speed booster. Although the Mitakon has a sharper image it also has a major color shift in comparison to the Metabones and RJ speed booster, on top of that you cannot control the aperture so you cannot use modern G series lenses with it so for me the Mitakon is out of the running.

    I am not sure which version of the Mitakon speed booster I have but I purchased it about 3 months ago. In terms of the Metabones and the RJ speed boosters I just received them last week. I have nothing to gain nor any ulterior motives buy posting my results. I am trying to help others who may be on the fence about purchasing these items. Like I said you can purchase 3 RJ speed booster for the price of one Metabones. The choice is yours I am presenting you with the facts according to the tests that I have performed. They are all good....

    Pictures in the drop box link were all taken on a Panasonic GH4 on Samyang 35mm 1.4 @ F5.6 in my studio. I went the extra mile and took six photos with each speed booster. For each of the six photos that I shot on each speed booster I manually focused each of the six shots to insure the best results out of each speed booster. Then I selected the best photo out of the 6 photos that I took with each speed booster. This was a well controlled test so as I said if you don't believe me that is your prerogative.

    1920 x 1282 - 340K
  • On another note as to why the Mitakon is out of the running, it is because I sold off almost all of my older Nikon lenses and am in the process of replacing all my older lenses with newer glass such as Sigma's Art Series lenses and native Panasonic glass.. I ran into some issues with HIGH KEY backdrops where the older lenses just could not perform in comparison to the newer Nikon G series lenses and the Sigma 18-35mm 1.8. So this is my reason why the Mitakon is not in the equation.

  • @Azo one was calling you a liar. And I didn't see the link to your images at first but today I peeked. The rj looked ...better ! All I can say about your test is I would like to see the samyang wide open . I'd bet at f1.4 there'd be a different result. Just guess'n but ....anyway it was pleasantly surprising.

  • @kurth

    Check the same dropbox link....

    I uploaded a photo of the chart shot on the Samyang 35mm 1.4 @ F/1.4 on a Nikon D600. I also have a raw photo that I uploaded so you can reference the sharpness of the Samyang lens. The Samyang lens is sharp wide open even into the corners. The purpose of shooting at F/5.6 was to see how soft the corners are with the different speed boosters. As you can see from the results there is not much difference amongst the 3 brands of speed boosters.

    In terms of the results I personally don't think shooting at F/1.4 would produce any different results, however if you and some other members of the Personal View community would like to see other types of tests with these speed boosters I am more than happy to accommodate.

    I apologize if I came off a little harsh I thought you saw the results "images" and was still asking for more proof...

    Best Regards.....

  • Hey guys, just a quick first impression here: I just received my RJ Nikon F/G lens turbo with tripod mount, and I really couldn't be happier. The quality of construction seems very nice, and the optics appear to my eye to be very nice so far.

    I have a 50mm 1.4 AIS lens that is just a little soft at 1.4, and without doing any real pixel peeping so far, if anything it seems like it might have sharpened the lens up a hair at 1.4. Previously I'm not sure I would have used this lens at 1.4 if I could avoid it, and with the lens turbo on it, so far I don't think I would have any reservations about it... WIN! :)

    Anyway, I'm happy -- Thank you @Vitaliy_Kiselev

  • I just bought GH4, and I would like to use the Sigma 18-35/1,8 lens with it. It seems the Metabones Speed Booster has aperture control (which is needed, as the lens doesn't have physical aperture control).

    How about this RJ thing? Does it have aperture control that can control the aperture of the Nikon mount Sigma lens? Would it even be possible to buy the EF version of the lens and use the EF to M43 version of the adapter? I guess not, as the aperture control isn't mechanical on the EF lenses?

  • @Azo, thanks for taking the time and doing a comparison! Do you happen to have any comparison between the different boosters with the Samyang 35mm at the maximum aperture (f1.4)?

  • does anybody know if they are planning to release a contax to mft version? otherwise I'd have to bite the bullet and buy the expensive metabones, would love to avoid that!