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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • The thing I'm most curious about with the camera is the colour, so I'm pleased to be seeing positive early reports.

    The GH4 with it's 4k is great, but I never felt the colours were right and it ended up putting me off. I'd rather have a 1080P camera that can see colour correctly than a 4k one that doesn't.

  • Probably I'm wrong but aren't colours highly dependent on grading ability? I mean, colours in Slog are far from correct.

  • @fase56 most of us amateur users are way better off by starting with decent colour right out of the box.

  • So, with the active canon EF-mount speedbooster coming, what would be good lenses to choose when you also have the panasonic gh4, the sigma 18-35mm+speedbooster is not an option on the full frame a7s? To put it simple: Wich lenses would mix well on a gh4 and a7s?

  • Philip Bloom's evolving review for the a7S is up...

  • Seems to grade pretty well:

  • This A7s vs BMPCC comparision is a little bit strange. The A7s seems to be a low light monster and meets the BMPCC at a week point. If you want the pocket to look it bad was a good idea to shoot at night and in the tube. These are two nice cameras for very different purpose imho.

  • @peaceonearth Aye, I think we forget in the race to look for a one camera that rules them all that there is no 'best', there's just 'most suited' to each situation/budget/ambition.

  • I'm really trying hard to like the footage from this camera .that green - yellow color cast is killing it for me .I have seen many examples now and it seems like it's gonna be an issue for me.

  • @sammy - I doubt very much if the camera is inherently green, yellow or any other color. Much more likely to be operator error or a 'creative' grading choice

  • @mrbill , i not too sure about that , notice this

    look at how natural the colors look with no picture profile selected, and notice how the slog footage has that green to yellow cast, if its an slog issue , and mainly this camera's top play is DR, not sure if this can be fixed in post or not.

  • @sammy you can download a pretty long slog file from one of the vimeo links further up in this thread. It grades very well and I can't say I noticed what you're describing. But you can download it and have a look for yourself.

  • K.ill look into it..thanks

  • image

    If low-light shooting is your thing, then the Sony A7S should be right at the top of your shopping list. Offering a killer combination of massive ISO range, 15-stop dynamic range, sensible 12 megapixel resolution on a full-frame sensor, truly silent shooting mode and autofocusing down to EV-4, the new Sony A7S is the most capable low-light camera that we've ever tested.

    753 x 1023 - 84K
  • about the "now i can see" video: unfortunately the dynamic range is very poor, and "now i cannot see", or better saying: now I can see the other side of the moon, but the first side is gone.

    before a7s I had the good highlights and dark shadows now with the a7s I have the shadows but the lights are gone, blown out forever

    at 1:01 the carroussel is ok, but the faces are dark, more DR please.
    we need a camera which can merge the 1:15 image with the 1:20 image into an extended dynamic range image to show the lights without clipping and the sea together.
    at 1:58 I would like to see the buildings without clipping, more DR please...
    at 2:03 i would like to see the fire and face without clipping while lit the cigarrette, more DR please.

    just look at the 2:25 image. where are the buildings? more DR please.
    what about the 2:39 image? "total clipping of the heart"

    "total clipping of the heart" (Blowout Tiler)

    turn around every now and then
    I get a little DR and know I've got to get out and cry
    turn aound every now and then
    I get terrified about low light but then I can't see the sky

    turn around every now and then
    sony got my money but gave me a clipping background
    turn around every now and then
    I ask where is DR because it is so easy to increase the pixel count

    turn around bright eyes
    don't forget to see the dark parts
    turn around bright eyes
    don't forget to see the lights

    And i need more DR tonight
    An i need it more than ever
    and if DR is so tight
    we will be ML HDR forever

    and we'll only make it right
    when we have more dynamic range
    because the beach is bright
    but the background is so strange

    I really need you tonight
    HDR is a must tonight
    HDR is a must daylight

    Once upon a time there was a hidden dark face of the moon
    But now the bright face is blown away
    Nothing I can say
    A total clipping of the heart

    Once upon a time there was light in my life
    But now there's only sony in the dark
    Nothing I can see
    A total clipping of the heart

  • In a way I can understand @apefos 's criticism. Sure, the A7s dynamic range is not perfect in dark conditions. But I feel like his criticism has very little value in this current time when there simply isn't another consumer camera that could show low light better, not even close. To me it seems like Sony put the best possible technology to the tiniest cam possible at this time. To ask for more it's like asking for a flying car when we just got the T-Ford going.


    Dynamic range is big n low iso, then its not that amazing. i see like 13.5 of real stops.

  • @endotoxic 13.5 stops DR in high or low ISO? Thanks

  • With such fast sensor, I wonder how difficult would be to have aceptable HDR video. Samsung galaxy S5 has this and it is not that bad.

  • "Please Sony make it right...

    develop a new camcorder...

    put two sensors in a prism design...

    and DR will be much better...

    one for dark another for light...

    and we will be happy forever...

    but manufacturers will die...

    because nobody will change cameras never..."

  • @apefos with two fast consecutive short exposures at different ISO and/or speeds it would be possible, with some processing (that could be done asynchronously), to obtain almost the same result without hardware change. Magic Lantern did that for the 5D with no extraordinary results, but with a much less sensitive sensor. Now it could be different.