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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, User reviews and opinions
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  • Funny that - just got a 6x 1hr and 2nd series option doco series commissioned for channel 4 UK shot literally entirely on GH2 & 14-42 - content? or cant shoot that on Dobly (Tap paraphrase for the youngsters lol) Just go out and make something - forget about keeping up with the Joneses or Valdermorts - it's all ballacks.

    By the time you're worrying about ARRI and Zeiss someone else is paying for it.

  • Take some of that channel 4 money and get yourself a couple GH4s. ;-)

  • So I finally got the GH-4 10bit rig going and the interface unit failed. I'm going to see if I can just replace it with another GH-4, for $2K I expect better. And I can get better with a $5 HDMI cable.

    2592 x 1936 - 1M
  • This was a surprising find. The Lamparte follow focus perfectly engages with the rubber grip on the focus ring of the Olympus 35-100mm f2.0 lens! (Have no idea why the picture came out upside down) Joy!image

    2592 x 1936 - 1M
  • Quick short I shot with friends. Shot it in Natural with no adjustment to master pedestal or curve. Graded with Film Convert and their GH4 profile. I think the colors/skintones coming out of it work great and aren't too salmon at all.

  • Straight out of gh4 C4k. Master P. +5. I think I'm sticking with the Cine D settings I have listed in the video description. I shot stuff underground at ISO 1000 almost noise. Will upload stills soon.

  • @berniez I'll get told off for going off topic, but if you have a sec, just quickly is that 2.0 Olympus 35-100 parfocal and which adapter are you using with it, thanks!

  • Shot half of this ad on 5D mark 3 RAW (Magic Lantern Firmware), and half on Panasonic GH4. Can you tell the footage from the two cameras apart? Hint: 4 shots are GH4 and 3 are 5D mark3 RAW

  • My experiences with the camera's video capability makes me feel like I got twice the camera for the investment. It's superb. No hyperbole. Just perfect video.

  • Hi everyone I have been using the GH4 for about a month and I did a full review on it.

    Thanks Chris

  • @soulofrev2 - Great review. Thanks.

  • @soulofrev2

    Thanks for a good review.

    You favorite profile is CinemaD. Have you noticed that oranges and skin tone goes sometimes too yellowish compared to natural profile. There are also nasty vibration in handheld clips. What lens did you use?

  • Cheers! Natural does seem to have naturally nice skin tones. I prefer Cinema D for the improved dynamic range. Though yes I do notice some over vibrent colours which you have to control. though check out my camera test.

    Some amazing skies there. I use both and I just recommend knowing which ones to use for the situation, though most of the time its the Cinelike D for me. The lens was a nikkor AIS 24mm f2 with a metabones speed booster.

  • So far my biggest gripe, is having to turn on/off the camera every time you have to switch between 24p and 60p/variable frame rate. Don't know why that was implemented, doesn't make sense.

  • @raf702 Are you shooting in C4K? The reboot happens because of the frequency change. Why not shoot in UHD then? There's not that big of a difference between them.

  • @raf702

    You don't have to switch your camera off....... You can use variable 1080p frame rate in C4k mode.

  • ^ you do have to switch if you want to use 1080/60p though. It only takes 15 seconds, not that big of a deal.

  • ^

    Unless I misunderstood , he clearly said Variable Frame Rate...... Which means for recording in slow-motion, which you do not have to turn your camera off. Yes in this mode you cannot record 60p, but if your purpose for 60p is slow-motion then use variable frame rate and do it in camera, unless for some reason you need the audio which it doesn't record in this mode

  • BUYER BEWARE! I bought my GH-4 with interface unit through John Barry Australia... Supposedly Australia's premier professional cinema equipment supplier. The interface unit failed! BUYER BEWARE! Even though I bought it locally there is NO SUPPORT! John Barry's doesn't even know who to ring and the Panasonic rep hasn't picked up for 3 days they say! Farheed at JB says I need to contact Pana... But he doesn't know who because Pana are denying they have someone in the country responsible for this shit! This normally simple repla cement issue is an issue because JB claim the replacement warranty cutoff has been passed. WHAT! FMD! I now have to resort to consumer protection law to get my money back. BUYER BEWARE!

  • As Philip Bloom says... "It ain't easy"

    Finally filming my on camera bits for GH4 review. Not easy though. Also am using the camera for it with YAGH interface unit for good audio. This is the 4K live output. Nice reference monitor whilst am recording but can't get on screen display onto the output and i need it otherwise no idea if am recording or not or audio levels/ time left. #bloomgh4review

    Yeah well, yes Philip, at least the camera works, the interface unit has not been finished at all.... And Mine FAIlED!

  • I tested GH4 battery life. I recorded indoors in room temp with 14-140mm lens OIS on and with LCD in normal brightness about 4.5 hours constantly recording. Only restart after each 30min. When battery indicator went red it recorded 5 minutes.