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Meetup: Los Angeles Area 2014
  • Building on the success of the 2013 meet-ups, we're doing another one this summer. :)

    So, we're starting up fresh, with the big questions: when and where?

    Last year we did Santa Monica and downtown, so I'm (selfishly) rooting for Pasadena. What's everyone else think?

    If you want to get up to speed on what the earlier ones were like, check out our old thread at

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  • Count me in, I'm in long beach but am happy to drive up anywhere in the LA area.

  • I'm good with Pasadena or wherever. Will be fun to see everyone again!

  • I'm in. Just tell me where and when.

  • I'm interested. Wasn't able to make it to the previous ones, but hopefully will be able to make it depending on the where and when.

  • @SeekingHeartwood @collierlandry @Roy_Batty @sanzadez Great, looking forward to seeing you guys. :)

    So any request in terms of time of day/day of the week? Or what about type of location?

    I'll pick a place that serves alcohol (I don't drink but that doesn't mean others should suffer ;)) unless anyone under the age of 21 (or just missing an ID) wants to come.

  • i usually have gigs on saturday evenings, but other than that my schedule is relatively open. i don't have a preference regarding drinking. what would be nice is a space where we could bring a little bit of gear to share and allow others to try things out.

  • my magic 8 ball says, "It is unclear."

  • @The plans or whether you can make it? Or is that a request for Magic 8 Ball Windex? :) In any case, hope you can come!

  • availability....and windex :)

  • Right now, Tuesday and Thursdays I'm free, generally speaking

  • I'm generally free on the weekends, but depending when it actually is, I might also be free Wednesday evenings.

  • Okay, so we don't have a lot of overlap so far... but we'll shoot for not a Saturday night. :)

    Here a few thoughts on spots in Pasadena, feel free to weigh in with thoughts.

    • Buffalo Wild Wings: Big, food and drink, loud environment. Lots of free parking.

    • Colorado Street Bridge: Outdoor environment, great place for testing cameras. Free street parking, unlimited after 6PM and 2 hour before 6PM.

    • Zephy Cafe: Tea, coffee and smoothie place with flexible hours, quiet atmosphere, typically lots of seating. A bit less parking than the other options, but free parking nonetheless.

  • I'll be there the last few days of september :)