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Panasonic accelerates m43 cameras production, GH4 is big on preorders
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  • So exactly what was that a recording of? The 'japanese management' recording. Anyone know?

  • No poisson d'avril, seriously

  • I fell like a fool. I trust you a lot ... Vitaly send you an email with great concern. It is logical, the joke has two days in which the world turns. I was thinking how strange it would be Olympus using another mount, and then I saw the joke in Olympus OMG at DP-Review ... these are all jokes publishers. I feel very ashamed, please do not read all that stuff I put in that mail :P

  • Grrr! This year I fell for TWO 1 April jokes. Not only was I completely taken in by Vitaly and even started checking eBay for any sign that GH1/2 bodies and lenses might drop in price, I was also driven to distraction by this announcement from iFixit:

    As the owner of a whole stable of vintage Macs the above drove me to near apoplexy.

  • I just visited the website again, and saw Vitaly did change his first post and subject so I am lucky I know now it was a joke.

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