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Panasonic accelerates m43 cameras production, GH4 is big on preorders
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  • Nice one, trying to get ahead of the GH4 pre-order queue i see

    Nice try people, nice try :)

  • Lucky I own lots of m4/3 bodies but no lenses! (aside from a cheapie kit lens that came for free with a GF3) Using all adapted full frame lenses for me, ready for Panasonic's future full frame body! ;-) My investment value will be holding strong :-D

  • IF this is really true (and I hope it´s not) - Maybe it´s a good move. I would HATE to loose the m4/3 system (as I bought a GX7 a few days ago) ... But what´s the use, if Panasonic is continuing and completely shutting down in 1 or 2 years. Instead they plan to continue at least the (still VERY unique) GH bodies (even with a new mount). (So the most interesting part / body series would continue.)

    Altough I still hope (too), that they continue with two or three series of m4/3 bodies. Just drop the GF and maybe even the G bodies - And maybe merge the GM and GX series. And they will be for sure profitable again. It would be even possible, to bring out a GH4 "lite". Cheaper - And just with 1080P (OR just fewer codec options and lower bitrates according video). So you wouldn´t even need a new body for the G series ...

    Or another VERY NICE move would be to join the X-Mount system (with it´s existing lenses). Nice "middle way" - And as they already have a joint venture (sensor wise) ... DREAM combo: Panasonic PLUS Fuji AND Sigma (Foveon) together with the X-Mount system (APS-C size). (Would be also great, because lenses would be still not too big and heavy ... AND vintage lenses would be also WAY better usable than on full frame bodies.)

    Bad times for m4/3 guys like me (if it´s true) ... =/

  • I'm putting my Panasonic 35-100 and Panaleica 25 1.4 for sale on ebay, if someone's interested

  • I do not believe must be a joke..anyway i´m not selling any lenses..I stay with my is the best system for video.. i do not care if they shut down all m43 factories..

  • MFT isn't going anywhere. The GH4 is about to blow shit up.

  • Certainly had me worried for a bit.

  • A sad day indeed :( I will respect the passing of the M43 format by holding an informal ceremony in Highgate cemetery to bury my GH2 as a mark of respect, members due to attend a London meet up are invited to the wake, please wear black.

  • Some people are going psycho. C mon, it's just a camera, not life and death. If you got yourself all worked up then it's time for some perspective perhaps.

  • What bull! Please put all your m43 lens on ebay lol

  • In next month or two it'll be good time to buy body if you wanted one.

  • @ragnar Just having a little fun :) That being said, I was really hoping FF fanboys would show up on 43 rumors and make jackasses of themselves (more than usual).

  • I think I am going to buy some lenses before they die.

  • Guys, hold on to your bearings. I saw this yesterday and I thought it had to be a joke. Today I still believe it. Or do I?

  • I just picked up a new Nocticron 1.2 and a 35-100 2.8 for $200 from a guy dumping his gear in a fire sale after he read the news.

  • @dsavage, brilliant! hehe.

  • This is especially sad news for Vitaly; I guess his job with Panasonic now won't pan out.

  • @AdamT

    You are wrong. Hacking FF bodies is just more prestigious thing.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Especially if they are full frame Leicas, right? Bringing you affordable cinema quality for just $7k.

  • I wish it were April Fools. It's no rumor, Joke, it's true, they just put out an official press release. Stock just fell 11 points and is dropping fast. C span, and the BBC are running the story too. Damn that sucks

  • @maranfilms Any links to those? Couldn't find anything online. I don't want to believe this but I guess it must be true.

  • Glad I was able to sell my 7-14 this morning at a decent price for $500. Better than nothing considering it cost me $1000. I'd rather take the $500 loss now than not be able to sell it going forward.

  • I've checked the BBC and the only reports I can find are about a share surge in Feb 2014, as Panasonic announced tripling profits in the third quarter of last year.

  • Hmm. Elsewhere, reports detail 30 year low on stock after record annual loss of 772.2 billion yen ($9.68 billion)

  • Well over here in the Netherlands, Panasonic's decision to drop Micro Four Thirds is being reported on major news sites such as Digifotopro.

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