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SanDisk Extreme SDHC Cards
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  • I see other SanDisc SD cards that are Class 10 but I can only see ones that have 30MBits/sec write speeds. If we are setting data rates of 42MBits/sec and above, how can a 30MBits/sec card do the job? Are there fast cards available - I can't see any?
  • Mbit ≠ MB
  • @burgor57

    The GH2 doesn't utilize the UHS-1 technology in that card so that is why it's slower. If it did your card would be plenty fast enough, but since it doesn't, the speed of the card is too slow for the hack. Sell the card on ebay, take a small loss if you have to, and get the 32 gig Sandisk class 10 30Mb/s card.
  • Should we get the big card, 32, or stick with smaller because if they're going to fail eventually then you'd lose less, right, so not as painful. I've been using 16GB cards but was thinking of switching to 8s. Same price for two 8s as a 16 and safer. What do you guys think?
  • @burgor57

    I have exactly same problem with the Sandisk 45MB/s card. Bought it from Chinese seller on eBay, but it seems it wouldn't make any difference to buy it from "trusted" seller like Amazon.

    Now I'm confused what card to buy. Extreme III seems to be recommended, but can't find it anywhere since everyone is selling those new "HD"-cards. I'm thinking that maybe I should buy Transcend instead like this one: . It clearly states that it's only up to 20 MB/s, but who knows for sure when it seems that the most expensive one is not the best?
  • @burgor57
    I bought a SanDisc ExtremePro SDHC 45MBits/sec card from amazon uk also and had the same problem. I had to set to NTSC and reformat card then reboot the camera as NTSC rather than PAL to get it to work with any of the patches apart from the base patch. Have you tried this?
  • My ExtremePro will succeed where the Transcend class 10 does not make it, like the 132Mb patch with certain subjects or lenses. Have had no problems. But I see your link is to the 16GB as mine is the 32GB.
  • @Brian202020 ---The extreme pro operates the same as a class 10 card. True the GH2 doesn't take advantage of UHS-I's maximum performance but it doesn't turn the card into a class 4 card magically---- I have NO problems with the hack on my 32gig 45MB/s Sandisk extreme pro. Unless I am the ONLY person on earth to get a legit card this card will work fine with the hack. Mine works flawlessly. Maybe its just an issue with PAL country versions of the card.
  • It's the write speeds that suffer. It may still be a class 10 card, but class 10 refers to the read speed. for the GH2 the 30 Mb/s card is way faster and will be less likely to have errors and problems. I just did a ton of research on this yesterday.
  • Well that may be true but(personally)I am having zero problems with Cbrandins 44MB settings as far that goes. I get very fast write speeds and the card seems to work fine. Perhaps higher bitrate patches would cause issues but Chris's settings work great for me.
  • @Brian202020

    The first post lists an Extreme UHS-1 30MB/s Card as compatible.
    So it may not be just UHS-1 that makes them incompatible?
    What has your research shown?

    There's no fewer than 3 different 30MB/s Cards listed in the thread.

    Sandisk's various versions: 30MB/s or better
    > extreme III (Class 10) 30MB
    > extreme (Class 10) 30MB
    > extreme hd video (UHS-1 and Class 10) 30MB
    > extreme pro UHS-1 only 45MB

    Please Check for Accuracy:

    Any Size Sandisk Extreme III 30MB/s -YES , but no longer Sold

    Any Size Extreme Class 10 "NON-UHS-1" 30MB/s -YES , more difficult to Find

    (these from Vitaliy's first post) (Labeled Class 10 AND UHS-1) (widely available)
    8GB Extreme HD Video Class 10 and UHS-1 30MB/s - YES
    16GB Extreme HD Video Class 10 and UHS-1 30MB/s - YES
    32GB Extreme HD Video Class 10 and UHS-1 30MB/s - YES

    (Labeled as UHS-1, but NO Class 10 Mark)
    16GB Extreme Pro 45MB/s - YES? (updated from NO? date: 10-15-11)
    32GB Extreme Pro 45MB/s - YES, but NTSC Setting in GH2 only?
  • I so far have no issues with 32GB Extreme Pro 45MB/s (NTSC).

    I was having all sorts of issues with my previous 32GB Class 10 Card (Acumem).
  • I'm with skyak, my card works flawlessly. I got it from amazon -directly-it's NTSC. The question is other than "write speed" is there any REAL architectural difference between a 45Mb Sandisc and a 30Mb one that would cause the GH2 to spaz out?.....I thinks not.
  • @woody123 "The first post lists an Extreme UHS-1 30MB/s Card as compatible.
    So it may not be just UHS-1 that makes them incompatible?
    What has your research shown?"

    I didn't mean to allude that ALL UHS-1 cards wouldn't work, just that the UHS-1 technology in the cards can't be utilized in the GH2. That means it'll rely on older technology that is still built into the cards as a redundancy. From what I've read is that there should really be 2 benchmarks for each UHS-1 card, one for electronics that utilize the UHS-1 tech, and one for electronics that don't. It seems the the main cards in question is the 16GB and 32GB Extreme Pro 45MB/s, which you have already noted. The card I am using with no problems what so ever is the older 32GB Extreme 30MB/s Class10 (the second one in your first list above).
  • I tested three versions of the Sandisk Extreme SD card on my desktop PC workstation and got nearly identical results:

    Sandisk Extreme 16GB
    30MB/sec - SDHC
    Write speed: 16.1 MB/sec
    Read speed: 18.3 MB/sec

    Sandisk Extreme HD Video 16GB
    30MB/sec - SDHC 1
    Write speed: 15.8 MB/sec
    Read speed: 18.3 MB/sec

    Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB
    45MB/sec - SDHC 1
    Write speed: 15.6 MB/sec
    Read speed: 18.3 MB/sec

    The computer I used for testing purposes is quite capable, according to Wiki US News:

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  • @LPowell

    It is not the question of computer power.
    You need good SDHC reader, USB 3.0 based usually.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    USB 2.0 can't support 30 MB/sec?
  • "we've seen a USB 2.0 hard drive has sustained 36 to 40MBbyte/s in the absolute best scenario' :-)

    Normally it is SDHC reader speed limit.
    Most USB 2,0 devices are quite slow and cheap.
  • Tried the NTSC-trick. Set camera to NTSC from camera menu and then formatted from camera. It didn't work.

    Now I'm desperate. Does anyone know where to get one of these cards or is willing to sell one?

    Any Size Sandisk Extreme III 30MB/s
    Any Size Extreme Class 10 "NON-UHS-1" 30MB/s

    At least 8 GB, but I'd like to get 32 GB.
  • USB 2.0's speed limit I believe is 480 Mbit/s or 60 MB/s so yeah,... the actual readers have a speed limit below that then. Do I understand this correctly?
  • Is there SD-card that works with 42Mb/s settings and I can actually buy it from somewhere? I searched from almost every local shop Sandisk cards and could only find those new UHS-1 versions.

    Now I'm considering 2 different brands and models. First Transcend 64GB SDXC ( ). user leifo says "I am using Transend SD XC 64 GB it work great for me.".

    Second Lexar 32GB Professional 133x SDHC ( ). Source:,2940-12.html Tom's hardware claims that it has pretty good write speeds.

    Better ideas?
  • @tonalt

    It's my understanding that the SanDisk 30MB/s Cards labeled "HD Video" AND
    "Class 10 and UHS-1", like the ones in the thread's first post are just fine.

    They are the most common SanDisk 30MB/s available now.
  • I just ran an in camera test to see how long it would take to write the 40 burst shot buffer to the card.
    Time from end of burst until card write icon disappears (best of several trials):
    Transcend 32GB class 10 = 22 seconds
    Sandisk Extreme Pro 45MBs 32GB = 12 seconds
  • @anyone. Can some please advise a good fast memory card for Driftwoods patchs - 132 MB's

    SanDisk ships Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I memory card seems to be a good one but is the Panasonic GH2 actually takeing advantage of the UHS-1 Controller?. Is 45 MB's enough for a Driftoods patch.

    I dont want to spend £82 on a 32GB memory card and find its not fast enough as I get "recording stopped due to the limitations of the writing to the memory card"
  • You are confusing the little b(bits) with the big B(bytes). 8-bits make 1 byte. So, 132mb/sec, divide by 8, equals 16.5MB/sec.
    don't waste you money on UHS-I, the camera doesn't take advantage of it, and unless you use a USB3.0 card reader, you won't see any benefits.
    Just buy a cheap class 10 card and call it good.