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Wheelchair + wieldy 7kg steadicam = ?
  • Hey all, I have both these items, waiting for to be frankenstein'd into one awesome handy rig. Has anyone heard of such a beast (aside from it's use in Kubrick's 'the Shining')? Any real-world hands-on experiences with a wheelchair steadicam before I get the welder out?

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  • May be also try modern MoVi like stabilizers? In chair they can be useful.

  • I know a pretty successful camera operator who almost ALWAYS has a wheelchair in the trunk of his car. He didn't mod it to support the weight of his steadicam, but why the hell not? Go for it. If you do it, share your pics!

    Bonus: it turns out that having a wheelchair around also makes for some interesting late night drinking games.

  • Why not, seems like it would work damn well as long as the main surface was relatively flat.