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GF3 intervalometer
  • Just purchased a secondhand GF3 that I will be using for aerial photography. Need to add a remote trigger function. Before I go down the route of having a micro servo physically pressing the trigger button, I would like to see if these software modifications offer intervalometer functionality. Tried searching but could not find anything.

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  • Sorry.... I did not check if the GF3 has a connection!! Too bad!

  • Thanks, but the GF3 does not have any connection for external intervalometers, only the G3/GH3 have that. Panasonic removed the port on the GF series after GF1, external intervalometers can only be used on the first GF series camera body. I was hoping the Ptool software would add intervalometer functionality to the camersa in the same way as CHDK does on my current Canon S95. If that is not possible, then I will build a mechanical remote trigger:

  • I have 2 systems... both works flawlessly with GH2/GH1/GX1 and should be also w GF3: be sure to get the right connectioncable/plug! Check connectability! google or ebay will give you more options... have fun / Kurt

  • Well, I chose to go with the GF3 due to those being available second hand at reasonable prices, the risks with aerial photography are obvious and I dont want to risk breaking expensive cameras just yet. A crash with a GF3 is not the end of the world. Also, the camera not having wifi is a + with regards to possible sources of radio interference, the TX/RX operating in the same 2.4 GHz band (using 5.8 GHz for FPV).

    So, back to my original question. Is it possible to add intervalometer functionality to the GF3?

  • Huh. Don't you think it is best to get one of latest Wi-Fi equipped cameras so you'll see that you are shooting and will be able to shot remotely?