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Clueless questions: electronic shutter
  • I don't know why is this bothering me at this time of the day, but for some reason, it does. So I'll ask.

    Electronic shutters. Why are they not on every m43 Lumix camera? Or any m43 brand? Why does my GH2 have a shutter curtain and the worst possible clonk shutter sound in history?

    If the camera can take videos by electronically turning the shutter on and off, why can't it do the same with photos? How is it "cheaper" to put a physical hardware into the camera, a piece so crucial to the operation and functionality of the entire thing?

    Is it that impossible to make shutter "open and close" electronically for photos like in the movie mode?

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  • My understanding is that a sensor with a global electronic shutter, which would be necessary for quality photos at high shutter speeds is more expensive to implement than the rolling shutter cameras currently available...Not really sure how the mechanical shutter works with the sensor to improve high speed performance but I suppose it must.