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  • If anyone here is in to narrative filmmaking and are doing it on a budget that requires hiring amateur actors, this is a great video to show them. I have the dvd and give it to every actor I use from pro (paid) to amateur. The pros seem to appreciate it as much as the amateurs -- more in fact. Good actors toil away on the craft aspects of their art their whole careers, so they appreciate this if they haven't seen it.

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    Why you enlisted only first part?
  • @brianluce

    Thanks for posting this. "Less is more" is a basic truism 101. Good stuff
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    Nothing I dread more on a movie set than "Acting".
  • Wow... @brianluce thanks for the links. We need more non-gear art stuffs.
  • What a great find!! Thanks a lot!
  • Michael Caine is so amazing, I'd watch him doing anything. From the best role of his career in "Harry Brown" to Batman's butler. Only he has that range. He's been called the world's most employable actor for good reason.
  • This is another resource. It's a useful book.

  • @brianluce Thanks. "Use verb to demand." I like :)

    Those filming tips can be applied to non-filming tasks. e.g. Software project team
  • Seems like the original clips got removed. Here's a new one:

    Also just came across this from of all people Arrested Develpment's Jeffrey Tambor:

    What he says about confidence and how Tambor changes the scenes and motivations, sometimes mid line is very interesting. Also how it's good to get them to deliberately overact in rehearsal as a means to get them to break though their learned behaviors and get to a real core emotion.

  • Thanks for the clips!

    Hollywood veteran actress Nina Foch taught acting for filmmakers at USC Film School. A course DVD was produced by Randal Kleiser and Exec. Producer George Lucas.

    Some clips:

  • @brianluce your videos (first post) are no more public. Pity...