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WinAmp going down
  • and associated web services will no longer be available past December 20, 2013. Additionally, Winamp Media players will no longer be available for download. Please download the latest version before that date.

    Very sad news.


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  • May I suggest an alternative, simple and clean, you probably know it: On my windows computer I use that for a while, since winamp has become a bit too bulky for me a while ago. But that's just me, I know Winamp has like huge user base, sorry for your loss.

  • Winamp was something so cool when mp3s came and stuff. Much much later started using foobar. But haven't touched that either when Spotify came.

  • Things like Spotify is cool, but lack high quality music and many old or rare releases.

  • After years of putting up with iTunes, I really miss the simplicity of the old Winamp (before some of the bloat came in around v5). I moved on to Foobar, of course. Anyways, RIP Winamp, you really whipped the llama's ass.

  • @Oedipax I loved WinAmp when it first came out, so small and simple. I recommended it to all my friends and most of them still use it to this day. It was the first MP3 player software I ever had and kept one of the very early version installs around FOREVER (I probably still have it on a drive, if I looked around). In the later versions it really bloated and I couldn't recommend it to anyone anymore, not to mention the new skins and layouts really sucked the llama's balls. I guess I'm not surprised they are throwing in the towel, but I will always have a soft spot for them.

  • @JuMo

    As I understand news it is AOL managers decision. And timing is right, just before Christmas bonuses :-)

  • It's all about the 'cream', as they say. It really is too bad that some pioneers fall prey to such terrible bloatware and/or penny pinching management. I didn't even know AOL bought them (did they buy all of Nullsoft?), just goes to show how under the radar WinAmp has been for me.

  • This has been a pretty obvious decision coming from AOL for quite some time now. No surprise here.

  • This has been a pretty obvious decision coming from AOL for quite some time now.

    For me pretty obvious decision for AOL is to find long rope and hand themselves. But they still did not do it. Strange :-)

  • Justin Frankel founded Nullsoft in 1997 and sold it to AOL in 1999 for some millions and stayed with them until 2003. That was all good for a 21 year old, he was born in 1978. Then in 2004 founded Cockos, Inc and made the brilliant Reaper DAW (that I now use more than Cubase and Reason). Impressive, very impressive.
    Still very sad news for Winamp, which I liked and I used from the pre version 1.0

  • I remember downloading MP2 and MP3 audio files before WinAmp existed. At the time, the only programs I could find to play them were paid apps, and I had a demo version of something that was limited to playing the first 30 seconds of a track. When WinAmp was released - for free - it was a revelation.

  • Strangely, I have had to revert to using WInamp several times over the years for quick solutions: most recently last week, (Using Linux/Wine), so as to download lyrics which will appear, karaoke-like, with each mp3 song, via WInamp.

  • WinAmp guy made Reaper? Damn, that dude is a genius.