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Is there any way to fix halos/ringing in over-sharpened videos using AE or VirtualDub?
  • Hi PV members,

    As you all know, a lot of old DV footage and even GH2's footage (shot on Panasonic lenses) has some ringing/halos (mostly around edges) caused by over-sharpening.

    In the Internet there's a lot of ways to fix it a little bit in photos, but I couldn't find a way to fix it in videos using After Effects, VirtualDub or any other software. I've tried a lot of methods to fix it with some blur and high pass filters in After Effects CS6 but none of them helped me a lot (or... I couldn't find a way to properly tune these filters).

    I would appreciate your thoughts on this issue very much!

    Thanks in advance.

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  • you could try to generate a matte for your high contrast edges (edge detect filter along with other stuff) and use it as a track matte for an adjustment layer that lowers the edge contrast and adds other helpful filters.

    there is now one trick pony for this that I know of ...

  • Not VirtualDub, but in Avisynth there are, search for "blinddehalo3"

  • @Alex @heradicattor Thanks. Will try the options you proposed.