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Lens tests on the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC)
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  • Anyone who tests slr magic 11mm 1.4? What about it?


  • @Renovatio
    It was tested by @matthere sometime ago:

  • I've found this short film that was shot for a 48hs film competition, with BMPCC and a Canon TV Zoom.

  • The Canon 17 - 102, named V6x17 8 (i.e. made for one inch sensors) doesn't vignette and is parfocal when shimmed correctly, just like the Fujinon 18-108(C6x18).

    They are not very far apart, the Fuji is a tad better at wide angles, the Canon at longer ones. Both show some barrel distortion wide and massive pincushion at tele. The Fuji has a bit more CA and the Canon has softer corners WO. It's also a bit yellowish (could be my sample only) . They can be found cheap and have decent mechanics, but optically and mechanically don't come close to the Schneider Varigon 18-90 (if you can find one).

  • Lumix 7-14mm Lumix 12-35mm Canon FD 35-70mm Canon FD 135mm

  • @Flaaandeeers those tests were not by me, just posted them as they looked interesting :) still awaiting the bmpc I ordered on the 8th April here..!

  • @Flaaandeeers @matthere

    Even though matthere was the shooter, what do you think about this option? It's a lot cheaper than Slr magic 12mm t1.6. You lose sharpness, and the corner are very soft, but distortion? How does it seem for you? Quite acceptable? Thanks

  • @Renovatio
    It seems that matt was not the shooter either. From what I've seen in the compressed Vimeo samples, it seems to have decent center sharpness, almost tolerable distortion and very blurry corners like almost all toy lenses.
    Not an alternative to the 12mm 1.6 for me, but if you can live with its drawbacks, it's less than half the price though.

  • depends what you want. I dont know the Oly but own the tokina. It's a great lens, but for my taste too big for the pocket camera. Why not choose the Lumix 12-35? With 35mm it's more versatile and it's covering a 90% focal range

  • Hopefully I'll get some footage up soon from this little baby :)

    1080 x 607 - 184K
  • @vicharris is that the SLR Magic anamorphic lens? :) can't wait to see the footage and your opinion on it

  • For who is using vintage 16mm cine glass (Schneider non RF for example) with the pocket: which c-mount to m43 are you guys using that works better? Thanks.

  • I've tried Fotga (quite cheap), Kiwi and Metabones (the most expensive one).

    They all need shimming to meet the markings on primes or to make zooms parfocal.

  • I've tried Kipon which had a backlash and fotga which was almost too tight for the camera mount.

  • @nomad, @peaceonearth : Thanks, guys. So it seems better not to spend much money on those adapters, right?

  • Well, my experience with the Fotga is the same, quite tight, no play. All adapters sit a bit looser on the GH2 and some cheap Chinese ones, which fit the GH2, don't fit the BMPCC.

    You can either buy a few cheap ones and keep the best or pay considerably more for something like the Metabones or those from ciecio7 (Poland), who has very good adapters of all kinds.

    But it seems that all allow to screw the lens in a bit past infinity, so you can go cheap, since shimming is always needed.

  • @nomad Ok, thanks again. Ciecio7 is a PV member?

  • @nomad sorry, I just found it on ebay ;o)

  • Having done a couple of shoots with the bmpcc, I can say the 17.5mm voigtländer is really sweet on the cam. Speedbooster + c/y zeiss combo works OK, though I would not use any other lenses than the 28mm f2 and the 60mm macro from what I´ve seen so far. Peaking works so-so. (A punch in function would be fantastic)

    I´ll be up with some footage as soon as there editing / grading / compositing is done and dusted.

  • What do you mean by "punch in" ? Quick double-click on "OK" doesn't help ?