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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • @Axier the first video with the little guy and her sister was mostly standard and nature profile due to the low light all set at -2. The steadicam video was shot on smooth all -2, but saturation was at 0. What gave it the look was the lens. Used a minolta md 28mm 2.8 which gave it a more flat profile out of the camera. Oh, I also shot the steadicam video at 1/40.

  • @aklumix

    Thanks for posting. I've been thinking about getting a Steadicam Smoothee for the GH2. Could you please describe how you modified it. And what's the lightest and heaviest lenses that you've been able to balance on it?

  • Animated piece using video clips instead of photographs. All shot on sanity 5.1. 50 1.8 and 20mm pancake.

    Borderland - Copper & Congress from Fractal Films on Vimeo.

  • @Ralph_B I basically used the same modification created by Em at Cheesy cam. The GH2 is right heavy when looking at the lcd so the the bottom weights need to hang slightly left for proper balance. The heavier the lens the better. The 20mm pancake drifts more than the heavier lenses, it can work well, but very sensitive to touch and wind. Old glass like canon and minolta works well. I currently us the SIgma 30mm 1.4 if you haven't seen this lens it is pretty heavy. The heavier the lens the better I would say for the smoothee. I could give you much greater details on the weights and equipment if you end up picking one up, just drop me a line. I am new to steadicams so I think with a lot of practice the smoothee could produce some great motion to my shots. Thank you tons for Sanity 5.1. I always have space left over on my cards and love that I am still able to push my grades further than stock.

  • Does anyone have MJPEG quality settings that can be merged with Sanity without causing problems? I use Sanity for all my normal video and MJPEG for timelapses and so far I have just increased the size to 1920x1080 and set FPS to 2 but haven't done anything about quality. I am not sure how all parameters in the hack influence each other, that's why I am not simply copying MJPEG settings from another MJPEG patch or could I just do that?

  • @rmk

    The MJPEG settings are completely independent of the AVCHD, so you can safely copy them from another patch and not affect Sanity.

  • thank you for Sanity :)

  • Very pleased with the latest Sanity parameters. They work very well. Spanning OK in basically all modes and no writing error anymore. Great job. I can recommend trying these settings. Thanks.

  • Sometimes even I forget how stable Sanity 5.1 is. Last week I found myself in a situation where I had to shoot at ISO 12800 and in ETC mode. This combination produces the worst noise you'll ever have on a GH2, and yet Sanity sailed through it without a single write error.

  • Hi! Thanks for this patch! But is it normal if i have only 15-20 mbps in 24P Cinema mode in H quality? Or something went wrong?

  • Sanity's bitrate is totally dependent on the content of the scene. Some scenes will have high bitrate, some low. But all will be extremely high quality. This is one of Sanity's strengths - it only uses as much bitrate as is needed. It's the ultimate in efficiency. Like you, when I was developing Sanity and saw some of these low bitrates, I scratched my head and asked, "can that be right?" Yes, it is!

  • Hi! just update to 5.1 and notice a problem. First two frames of each clip is destructive.Just zoom 200% and look. Or it`s only my problem? Can anyone check that? Thanks!

  • That's normal. You get similar behavior with the stock settings, and sometimes more than two frames. Relax and enjoy!

  • What you would use for your recording profiles with Santy? Viewing video tutorials, say that it is best to find a flat profile. I've recorded using soft modes and nostalgic at 24p. And all parameters to -2. What is your experience?

  • @axier: well done, all fine. doing so you should grade the footage later on (contrast, colors). nostalgic gives a yellowish-greenish tint, which you can remove in postproduction if desired. i have created great results using exactly your settings. sometimes i find it useful to denoise some material later on which also removes/improves some of the 8-bit-avchd color banding.

  • Hello all. I installed the Sanity 5.1 and love it. But I got my first hotshoe flash (Nissin Di466) today and it doesn't recognise the camera. Do you think the hack has anything to do with it? I'm at work now so can't reformat, plus would rather not have to! Any ideas on why this is happening?

  • @GSMYTH555

    The hack has nothing to do with that.

  • So, I did some quick test shots in rainy weather with "SANITY 5.1" today. And, surprise surprise, it fits almost all of my expectations:

    • really good quality in 24p + 60p.
    • long GOP (18 in 24p + 60p)
    • moderate datarate, mostly between 30-60mbps
  • @nic2011

    Really nice. Has a dreamy quality.

  • Thank you Ralph!

  • Shot with Sanity 5.1 and Nokton 25mm

  • @lloydsweden

    Impressive! I love the lighting. Too bad I don't know what he's saying. Great job!

  • @Ralph_B I won an auction for a GF2 as a second camera, what tweaks do I have to do to match my GH2 Sanity 5.1 in the ini? Can I run both on 24L, any other tips, perhaps for color presets? Beyond photo, I'll be using the GF2 mainly as a wide in interviews. Thanks!

  • @Ralph_B Thanks! It´s a trailer for a theatre-play based on Paul Austers, New York trilogy, when the actor´s not speaking gibberish he´s speaking swedish. The stills are taken with Canon-gear though. The footage and editing may be a bit overexpressive but so is the play.