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Recommendations for lens support
  • I bought a heavy lenses for the BMPCC (Schneider 18-90, almost 900grs) and I am looking for a reasonable lens support for a 15mm rod system. I was searching in topics but could not find neither a topic not a special deal. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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  • You can try Varavon lens support. As far as users goes I heard only positive feedback. We have it on deals from time to time.

  • Thanks, I will keep an eye on the deals (as always)

    has anybody experience with the Lanparte V2?

  • Yes. The TS-02 is a nice tool (i have it in use since a few weeks). Especially the "strap" is nice because your lens isn´t sliding away any more. It´s definitely the best choice if the price is ok for you. Btw.: I recommend to add a little bit of foam or so on top -> So you´re not scratching your lens (then it´s nearly the perfect solution -> I used a door dampening / isolating sticky tape - it had the perfect diameter & measures AND it´s very easy to attach).

  • @Tscheckoff thanks for your reply! Is it build solid enough for a heavy lens?

  • The Varavon is damn good for heavy lenses with the GH2. Used it for a long time but it just sits in the case since I bought a BMCC. Hopefully it will come back into use with the pocket cam if I decide to keep it.

  • Yes. It´s very well built and also solid / stable enough for heavy lenses. Very nice too: Only two knobs -> One for the (very nice) quick release mount and the 2nd one (on the other side) for the height of the stabilizing arm. Very easy and fast to use & mount (even without looking).

    Btw.: It´s also helping A LOT stabilizing smaller bodies (DSLRs, system cameras and for sure also the BMPCC @ vicharris ^^). Because you get WAY less lens / body movement when using a follow focus. That´s also the point why I nearly always use it (as soon as the follow focus is on the rods). ^^

  • Has anyone directly compared the two (Lanparte V2 vs. Varavon)? I need one ASAP and will probably just have to buy both and test. But I don't see a US distributor for Lanparte V2. Actually there is a US distributor they just don't have V2 listed. I'll have to call them tomorrow.