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Windmotion - upsampling to 4:4:4
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  • Ian_T, I tried to open it in Adobe After Effects CC Trial, using Quick Time. Also, it is playable in Windows over PotPlayer (but no 1:1 view). If someone have problem to open it, I can create another lossless copy: utcodec avi or H.264 avi or mov or mkv. Ask me if you really need it. But I found ProRes is more universal to open in most software.

  • I have seen the file in 4K, is impressive and surprisingly from a GH2.

  • @rean This is impressive! Really looking forward to it. Keep us posted.

  • I have found some issues with the posted 4K file:

    1. Color Y range is not valid (see a histogram). Just mistake in settings (original range is 16-235, not 16-255).
    2. Temporal noise/surface visibility variations. It may be fixed by adding more film-grain noise to mask these artifacts and less sharping or less noise reduction in Y channel.

    These issues and other examples will be updated with the final Windmotion version.

  • it is nonsense - 4:2:0 is 4:2:0 remain, for ever

  • @Butt, "for ever"? Are you sure?

    Windmotion restores broken pixels using special motion-compensated algorithms. So your thing is valid if only you use only one frame as a source. In your case you will not have any extra data, just some blur or sharping.

    But in a Windmotion case it is possible - up to 7 frames used to restore frame pixels. Look at the screenshot. You will find there many details (right side) those are not available in a source frame (left side).

  • when we will be able to use the final product.

    Im very interested in this upsampling method. Also for 2k blowup no 4k, i find it very interesting. Until now i cant completely work on this software.

    An UI would be grate.

  • Does this work with GH3 MOV or only GH2 MTS?

  • @endotoxic a beta version is planned in a next week or two. There are some things those are not ready really to be published. A final release will be available after tests, ~ in a next month, but these are no plans to change anything more, so the coming beta version will be ready for production use and final questions “how to...” or "how do I...". I am testing it currently on my next real video project. Many bugs and issues are already fixed in this testing.

    A documentation will be written after beta publishing. As you see, this year I have created many development versions where you can see a huge amount of cardinal changes in every release to release. It is because I create as great software as I can create and optimize everything. Also I want to keep my time and CPU use time, so it must be as fast as possible with long projects for hours of rendering. I have now a great project of summary video time for hundreds of hours, so I create the program to use in this big project. Key goals are: speed+usability+final quality+color accuracy.

    Previous versions were very slow and have some usability, stability and quality issues.

    About 4K use. This usage requires a special program settings (reduced thread count and memory used), or you can get crashes. Windmotion is a x86 software, so a free memory is a key. Also, be ready to get processing with 0.1-0.5 fps. The published example is rendered in 0.3 fps on i7 3.5Ghz.

    @SuperSet it should work with GH3, but there are no GH3 profile yet. I have not found any original GH3 file on the internet, so I don't know a file format, color matrix and other things to create a valid profile.

    Most of unsupported cameras should be imported correctly (but with wrong color information - manual change is required), using "Generic File.bat" or "Generic File (to mkv).bat". Some cameras require special tricks.

    If you are interesting in a GH3 profile, send me in a private message some short GH3 originals in different file formats, supported by GH3.

    Also I still need in information for GH2 about an exact mts file size, used by camera for spanning. Currently I use this value: 4300,000,000 bytes. Of course, it is incorrect. How to get this value? Create a big ~one hour video and send me exact file sizes for all mts files. Currently only Sony NEX camera profiles can join mts files correctly, because I own these cameras and know span sizes.

    One question: is anyone are interesting in support of upsampling to 2K resolution?

  • Does this work with mjpeg .mov files?

  • @rean Great job, looking forward to the new beta. I think upsampling to 2k would be great for those wanting the benefits of the process without incurring the huge file and rendering time penalty.

  • @humpman It should import mjpeg .mov files using "Generic File.bat" script. If you have a camera that writes these files, send me in a pm a short video example and a camera model. I will create a special profile for your camera. Currently I have added GH3 and FS100 camera support by user requests.

  • @rean Will there be some friendly user interface? Or we better say - GUI? I once installed your software (many months ago) but crashed my head in finding out how this "beast" works... And I still haven't figured it out...

  • Windmotion already has a GUI. See latest posted screenshot. It is more usable and precise than most video editors I used before. Of course, some training steps are required.

    If you want to get a GUI you know in a different software... it will take many years of development. I do not have any time for these things, and I do not see any relevance in this. Use Adobe or any other software.

  • Wow. Really impressive.

  • @rean As I wrote before, I previously tried some older version of Windmotion many months ago. I still haven't installed the new version of Windmotion. So, if you say it already has a GUI, then I'm sorry :-) I will try it as soon as I can. Thanx.

  • Hello,

    Small question, if I licence a Personal Edition of Windmotion that is currently alpha, will it upgrade until you publish the final build or am I just purchassing the current version?


  • @CTheEsrevinu, you will use all 1.x.x versions.

  • Rean, this sounds very interesting! I would love to see optimization with gh3, so if you need samples, I can make some. Let me know what your preferred material would be (subject, lighting, motion, length etc )


  • Purchase? That's new.

  • @Ian_T there's a small purchase button on the bottom of the page at his site. The paid version have some differences, as listed out there.

  • @tosvus I have already a GH3 example, but in a perfect lighting. More interesting things are about bad lighting, noise, compression artifacts, etc.

    @Ian_T the program comes with two editions: free and pro. A different set of filters used. Pro edition gives an additional result transparency and restoration possibility. For example, the free edition has no film grain noise generator. Import and export possibility is the same - no restriction.

  • @rean I can shoot some challenging footage in various formats for you. Do you have a preferred place to upload (I take it you want actual source files...) and size limitations?

  • @rean I'm interested in the personal paid version. Is there a help file included with this version?

  • Hi @kurt10, very nice results you've got there with Utvideo 444 (Extract to TIFF)!

    @rean Please be kind to help me out with the export procedure in WM. I can't make WD transcode my GH2 files. It seems that I'm doing everything right... (as it says in WD readme.txt). I want to export to mkv h264 lossless 10bit 444.

    In x64 directory I renamed x264 to x264-10bit.exe

    These are the steps I've made (but nothing happened and I saw no signs of recoding, and I saw no final result at all, though I even tried to export to all formats besides h264):

    1. Import - I execute ...Panasonic GH2.bat
    2. Convert - I execute ... Add to avsi.bat
    3. To16bit - I execute ... Add to avsi.bat
    4. Final16bit - I execute ... Add to avsi.bat

    Then I went to execute "...\wm\09.Export\H.264 mkv\Make mkv h264 lossless 10bit 444.bat". Some black screen appeared (saying "---check x264-10bit.exe") for 2 seconds and disapeared. And that's it! No new video files were created in the whole Windmotion directory.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I'm interested in the personal paid version and the sooner I handle with the free version, the sooner I buy the pro version. If there was some manual...

    Thank you in advance.