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Fotodiox, Excell, Lens Turbo analogs for m43 and NEX
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  • Yep, just got my UPS tracking number. Sweet.

  • And @apix, I believe the G-mount will accept F lenses. In fact I'm counting on that :)

  • Ok, just talked to the warehouse and as @kholi says, all the ones purchased last night and this morning will ship today. They have many in stock at their warehouse and they ship from CT or something like that. Normal shipping takes 3-7 days and she said CA usually takes the longest for some reason.

  • Its says on the website that is has a gain of .72x. I read that as gaining back .72x of crop. If it reduces the crop factor by 0.72x, wouldn't you subtract the reduction (0.72) from the original crop factor (1.8 full frame shooting video)? 1.8 - .72 = 1.08x . So a 50mm would have the FoV of a 54mm lens? 50mm x 1.08. My thinking could be off.

  • I just got shipping confirmation and a tracking number.

  • If this thing works as advertised I'm seriously considering selling all my canon fd lenses and stockpiling nikon lenses.

  • I ordered it too. And I'm from Italy. Yes I know, I'm crazy

  • @Oedipax Thanks for the info, I will keep an eye on this thread before I order on :)

  • @flablo looks like a lot of us are going for it. :)

  • @vicharris - Because noone likes CA! xD

    I did get two day, got some shooting going on this weekend so it should arrive Friday, want to try out the 11-16/2.8 and some Zeiss ZFs with it.

  • Can't wait to see footage and hear feedback. I want to order, but I'll let you all test it out first.

  • I received a shipping confirmation # within a 1/2 hour of ordering!!! Not too bad :) Granted I went ground shipping so it will probably take a week or so before I receive it, nonetheless looking forward to it.

  • Just ordered one with 2 Day air. Ill post comparisons as soon as it arrives. Looking forward to see how this works with the BMPCC when it ships.

  • Didn't see this till now. Ordered!

  • Hi, is Nikon Lens (including G & D type) same as F type or is it a totally different mount? Thanks.

    And @apix, I believe the G-mount will accept F lenses. In fact I'm counting on that :)

    Yes, the mount is identical. It is called Nikon F mount. G type lenses have F mount but don't have aperture ring. G adapter is Nikon F adapter with aperture control ring that mechanically moves aperture lever and gives manual control of the aperture. So it works with all three types of lenses.

  • @inqb8tr Thanks for clearing it up

  • What I want to see and read reports about is the combination of this adapter and the new Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 once both find their way into some Panasonic user hands.

  • Ordered one! Going to use it with a Tokina 16-50mm f2.8 on my new G6 on a shoot next month. Equiv: 11.5-36mm f2.0! Perfect range for my kind of shooting :-)

  • ...excuse me...but where are you reading this works with a aps lens ?

  • ...excuse me...but where are you reading this works with a aps lens ?

    APS-c lens projected image circle is large enough to cover m4/3 sensor after 0.72x reduction. If my math is good.

  • I just put a call in to Fotodiox sales and support to find out if they've tested their mount adapters with the Light Cannon. Each component contains a lens, so I'm not sure what to expect. Is anyone else here looking to use non f-mount lenses?

  • Yep, good to go. Just as it's been stated over and over again on the other booster threads.

  • I'd like to see the reviews on this. I'm wondering if it'll be good as the metabones speed booster, if so, I'll be looking to get one!

  • @kurth Darn, you might be right! M43 crop factor: 2*0.72=1.44 and that's a smaller crop than the 1.5/1.6 crop of APS-C and probably vignettes. The GH2's 1.86 gets even worse. Someone please tell me if I got the math wrong on this!

  • @oscillian

    fotodiox plainly states..."with 35mm lenses" ...and I've never heard any of these speedbooster type manufacturers say that you can use aps lenses on m43. I wrote fotodiox an email asking what mounts they have planned. I'd love an eos with aperture control and FD . At this price you can afford to buy a couple !