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Automator workflow to open GH2 stream folder
  • I am trying to automate the process of getting to the Stream folder in Mac OSX. It would be great to be able to drag the SD card folder onto an application that opened the stream folder so you can access the raw mts files. In automator you can use a process called Watch me Do and this basically records your mouse movements and menu options. I have basically run through the usual way, highlighting Private -show package contents, etc. It seems to record all the entries but when I run it, it barfs and falls over at the first Show package contents. I think this would be really useful for the Mac OSX folks.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, in getting some sort of automation set up

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  • OSX doesn't have shortcuts? Windows 95 has shortcuts.

  • @rsquires Try creating a simple alias (⌘L) from the "stream" folder on your SDcard, and put that folder on your desk or wherever. You should be able to create one for each card you have, and name them as you wish.

  • @balazer Of course it does, it’s a UNIX system…

    @vic20 That’s not really convenient if you have to handle lots of customer’s / coworker’s SD cards. So I’d love to see an automator workflow too.

  • @rsquires @all OSX / Mountain Lion users

    Just use this app I made;-

    (A/ Download & unzip 'Show AVCHD Files' app and move it into your Applications/Utilities folder (authenticate with your computer's password)

    (B) Insert SD card into computer/reader* and right-click 'PRIVATE' folder and select 'Get Info'.

    (C) Go down to option 'Open With:' and select the drop down menu and choose 'Other...'. and point it to the app 'Show AVCHD Files' you unzipped to Utilities folder. Select 'Always Open With' too and then select ADD and you're back to 'Get Info'. If need be, check 'Change All' (so this always happens when you open a Private folder). Close 'Get Info'.

    Thats it! From now on when you double click Private folder it should automatically spring open and list all your mts files inside the Stream folder.

    • If when you insert a SD card you get Image Capture automatically opening - simply switch the Image Capture to 'No Application' at bottom left hand corner of this application's screen for each device you don't want to auto capture/etc...

    Note: You may have to do (C) with each & all of your SDcards. Once done though its done for good or until you change it back to Quicktime or whatever.

    Show AVCHD
  • I don't know about OSX, but on my windows computers I just have a shortcut on my desktop. If an SD card is inserted, I just double click the shortcut and it takes me right too the Stream folder of the SD

  • @sanzadez Its unfortunately a problem of OSX Mountain Lion and the way Quicktime now registers the PRIVATE folder as its own.

  • @driftwood That's great! The private folder thing is a pain to be honest. I guess though it's totally Apple since it expects the user to just be opening cards through iPhoto or iMovie of FCPX. If you want to do stuff prior to this then it's more tricky.

    One thing though. What if you reformat the card. Do you have to do it again?

    Edit: I did actually work it out. Instead of doing get info on all cards, I have put an alias in my favourites of the "Show AVCHD" app. Simply navigate to the app and drag to the left pane in a finder window. Then when you get a new card with footage on it, right click and go show other. This opens a finder window and you just hit the favourite you just placed in the left pane of the finder. Not as elegant as a one click solution but saves valuable key strokes none the less. Thanks Nick as always!!!