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ColorGHear [PART 2]
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  • I tried the ColorGhear toolkit and i want to state that is a very powerfull tool and the whole Shian's approach in color correction and grading is wonderful. @shian I found some differences between measurements in WFM in Premiere CS5.5 and the WFM in After Effects (Color Finesse 3). For instance a color matte which measures 60 IRE in Premiere CS5.5, measures 56 IRE in Color Finesse. Any idea why that's for? And which one should i trust? From my own testing I found that the measurements in Premiere is more accurate.

  • Thanks.

    I've switched to Test Gear which gives me all my scopes inside AE, it seems to give me the same readings as FCP-X and DaVinci.

  • Same readings with the Test Gear Scopes. The attached color matte png file gives me a reading of 60 IRE in Premiere CS5.5 and 56 IRE in Color Finesse 3 (AE CS5.5). Test Gear Scopes gives me a reading of 55 IRE.

    1920 x 1080 - 13K
  • 55 in FCP-X and DaVinci - so I'd say PP is inaccurate.

  • @shian.. I'm totally going to get ColorGHear as soon as possible. I regret not waiting to get my hands on GH2 before shooting a black n white movie I did. It was shot on a cheapass sony camcorder. Do you have any tips to grade BW footage to give a noir-ish look please?

  • Dude. Noir is something near and dear to my heart and it is ALL about lighting. If you didn't light for Noir, all you're doing is crushing B&W footage. That being said; there are actual NOIR GHears in the set to help you with this.

  • I hear ya brother. I made so many mistakes that I wish I could undo but I made the film to learn and I really am learning. Does NOIR GHears help in case of non dslr footage? (I.e camcorder avchd)

  • I can't promise a miracle. But CG does tend to make everything look better.

  • Hi @Shian, got a question for you. I am working on a project on FCP7 and after doing my grading with CGT, render and export using quick time conversion, the colors of my project in FCP7 looks great just the way I want it to be but that of converted file is off. They colors in the converted project don't look as bright or colorful compared to what's on FCP7. Any way I can fix this problem? Does it have to do with the fact that FCP7 is a 8-bit NLE software? Thanks.

  • what codec? and did you set it to 10bit internally like the tutorial says? If so to maintain it you must export Prores 444

  • BTW, I'll be in and out, as far as posting etc for a while. Trying to finish "What Lies Between Us." and I'm charting out some cool new tutorials for CG Pro, the Film School, and a promotional vid for Pro. Busy, busy, busy.

  • Anybody have instructions on installing the CGPro Luts in davinci/Mac? I upgraded to pro, but did not see any instructions for adding Luts to davinci. Thanks

  • pro member download page - only video on that page, explains it all.

  • My first attempt at using CG in a full project. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, using only a couple of layers. I'm really happy how the shots of the band turned out.

    Oh yeah, it's a "Game of Thrones" spoof video, in honor of season three premiering tonight. Shot with Bolex anamorphic because blue flares rule!

  • TV LOGIC XVM245 24" Monitor - Supports 3rd party 3D LUT formats for import and export

    Supports importation of 3D LUTs for previewing. So now you may create LUTs using CG Pro and import them into this monitor, and adjust your lighting accordingly.

    So, what this means is: that nifty function on the RED Cams that allows you to see the effect of a LUT but not record it that way - you can now do that with your other cameras - You're welcome. [but most of the credit has to go to TV Logic for staying ahead of the curve]

    Granted for most of us this would be a rental. The 17" is $5K but will rent for $200 a day.

    And apparently SMALL HD monitors will have this function soon as well.

  • Does anyone know if the GH3 has any color cast like the GH2? Like any weird green hue and the such?

  • bluish - sony sensor - whadda ya gonna do? :(

  • I was just curious. I'm looking to get one and just wanted to be prepared for any weird footage quirks.

  • I didn't get one for that reason. I don't really like the way it looks. But that's just me.

  • Does the ColorGHear film school/ tutorials give you instructions on how to use resolve? Would a novice at color editing be able to learn how to color edit/resolve, in addition to the instruction sets that are included?

  • You'd have to ask the CG users if my tutorials were any help in that regard, cuz there are not enough Resolve tutorials yet where I can say with confidence that they will. There are a few Resolve Tutorials in the CG Pro tract, with more to come, and eventually that will be the case.

    The film school deals primarily with cinematography for now.

  • GH2 + Nikkor 24mm + Century Optics 1.33X Anamorphic 5DtoRGB transcode (rain killer) CS6: PPro + AE Kuler ColorGHear

  • Hi @shian, could a 3-strip technicolor look like below be intigrated as LUT into ColorGHear:

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