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GH2 usb to Nexus 7
  • Is it possible? I can do it with my t3i not sure if it will work on the GH2.. Maybe someone can use a camera view on the computer via usb to test?

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  • You can't do it, get GH3. Or just buy proper monitor, they are not expensive.

  • I have one..I thought it would be cool to have touch screen to change settings the resolution is 1280x800 you cant do live at all through usb?

  • No, GH3 can via WiFi, but still far from any monitor.

  • I was wondering about the lag it might have...Thanks ..getting another Gh2 tomorrow somewhere..and trying the hacks again..any quick suggestion of a overall patch I should be using on my next short? Im on 30mbs cards.. I did donate a $5 :) I tell alot of people about this place..Ur awesome!