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ColorGHear [PART 2]
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  • Beautiful! What Ghears did you use?

  • @OzNimbus Thanks! On top of my Color Finesse tech grade I used 5DtoRGB Low Contrast, GreenKill, Bluer Than Blue (70%), and Film Grain.

  • AH, film grain. That's why the 3 hr render. The new GHrain Overlays in CG Pro should cut that render time down significantly. They can also be used in PP and FCP. All popular film stocks are represented in the collection.

    And I agree - very beautiful. The Lomo's are notoriously soft, but they really lend themselves to the GH2 - which IMO is a little too sharp.

  • Those of you waiting for CG Pro (which will be released this week) download DaVinci Resolve Lite, get it working on your system, and get familiar with it, cuz you are going to love grading in it with CG Pro. The damn thing is FREE. What used to be $100,000 is now free. 10 years ago I could only dream of having this monster on my home computer.

    If the older versions turned you off, don't worry Resolve 9 is VERY user friendly. Unlike the older versions which were user UNFRIENDLY. If you have issues getting it working, BlackMagic's support forums can usually answer your questions, as can a web search of your particular issue.

    And don't you worry, your Uncle Scary (that's me) is gonna teach to you to tame the beast. But it might help you hit the ground running, if you are at least familiar with it, even if you still can't figure everything out yet.

  • @UncleScary (Haha) So this will be even better than working with it in After Effects? Will GHrain Killer still work?

  • Maybe it's good time to learn Davinci Resolve 9 Lite.

  • @shian nothing serious, just tweak the embeded video width...

    plenty of extra space on the right :D

    781 x 236 - 66K
  • @QuickHitRecord no it won't, but there are ways to port your grades as LUTs from DaVinci and apply in AE and take advantage of GHrain Killer and the new GHrain Overlays. Like I did with this very subtle grade here

    So having both is definitely an advantage.

  • @Riker you do know you can go full screen with it, right? You just click the little button on the lower right of the video.

  • I love DaVinci. There is no excuse not to have it in your arsenal, so long as your machine can run it.

  • Urg turns out you have to have nvidia gpu if you're using windows...sad day

  • Shian, will you be offering discounts for existing subscribers to upgrade to CGpro?

  • @Shain Will pro work in Premier now, or is that later....or never?

  • @peternap - tomorrow :)

    @OzNimbus - yes

  • Shian, CGH in AE- the rendering process shows 45%CPU, 75%RAM, 0%GPU !? What about Cuda enabeling? Mayby in PPro? It seems that all the current CC in PPro is done by GPU.

  • Are you sure you have Cuda enabled in your 3D options in AE?

    Several of the operators, depending on which you use, might not be GPU enabled. It's been a long time since I coded anything but I'm going to guess that designing an operator to be GPU accelerated is a little more involved than making an operator work in full 32bit and Adobe has been too lazy to do that across the entire program. There's that too.

  • AE CS5 doesn't use CUDA at all. AE CS6 uses some but not all. It also depends on GPU chipset & ram. In some cases it depends on CPU, too. The latest Intel CPU has some decode/encode features that some softwares use.

  • a BARGIN....Thanks @shain

  • For those who asked there is no "standalone" version - the system works in any platform that will accept LUTs so it's a solution for DaVinci and SpeedGrade that just happens to work in PP and FCP7 as well.

  • @Shian The price difference is 50$ for AE version, 100$ for PPro and other ecxept AE and 140$ for AE and PPro version. Can you clarify if there is any other difference between Kit, pro and plus versions- then capability for software? Thanks

  • CGT - is AE only : it has GHrain Killer, Film Grain, ColorFist (advanced 3-way color Corrector) and some pre-made gradients.

    CG Pro - is for FCP7, PP, SG, and Resolve - it does not have Ghrain Killer, or gradients, and doesn't need a 3-way CC as there are 3-ways in all of the other programs, it does have downloadable Film Grain Overlays.

    CG Pro Plus- is both CGT and CG Pro together.

    ps. running diagnostics now to try and speed up the downloads - it downloads in 20 seconds for me.

  • So, the big event hapened... For me (a poor videographer who use the cheapest gear beside a GH2) is quite dissapointig... I was hoping to an 50$ upgrade. I don t want to use AE at all, but you ask for extra 75$. And you decided to criplle CG pro! 3way CC in PPro is awfull! So you force me to buy CGT Pro Plus!... too expensive... But that is a marketing rule... You have to take you share from the big boys (MB, Colorfinesse,...). Succes! You deserve it!... but I hope that you will continue to take care of us... Forgive me for those lamentations...

  • @crisvpl that $75 members only price upgrades you from your current CGT to Pro Plus.

  • Just a quick note: If you are thinking of buying FilmConvert, hold off on that purchase for another week or so. As you know I've been working on some film emulsion GHears for awhile. I took them over to an old friend from Lowry who now works at Deluxe to get a new set of eyes on them, and he allowed me to experiment on a feature he was grading. So I spent the day with him playing with some Red and Alexa footage which were shot alongside some EXR 250D and 500T film. The results of that session sent me off in a completely new direction. Now, I'm not saying I've cracked it, but I think I have something comparable to FilmConvert, it definitely works on Red and Alexa footage, now I have to figure out what is necessary to get it working consistently on HDSLR footage. If I can get it there, then I'm gonna add it onto CG Pro. It's gonna take me a week or so to test it, but if it works, it'll save you some money.

    [don't worry, those who have already upgraded, it'll be a free downloadable add-on from the member page.]

  • Ok now, but I suppose that I still need AE for grain killer/3wayCC,... and I realy do not want AE for my type of work... so please, integrate those function in the PPro kit!!!

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