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Cluster X: Series 1 - moon - ЅріzZ - nebula - drewnet - Slipstream
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  • 45mbps card time and again - always problematic.

  • @jebsly the footages is shaking too much, already disturbing, can't do any proper judgement of the hack. What kind of lense did you use? 50 mm? But I can already see that film grain!

  • @driftwood. Cluster X Test 1. Just another day in paradise. This patch, tried to kill it, it killed me. Its more perfection. Hey, all you users, donate, there will be more. Thank to Vitaliy, Driftwood,Chris and of course the Pasadena crew. Download and take it apart.

  • @exilenorth Since you underexposed it that far, have you tried to see how far you can go the other way in post? Not sure how much grading you did but I see some amazing colors there that want to jump out!

  • @exilenorth

    i'm with @vicharris i'm not sure if you was aiming for a "day for night" look,but that footage needs some POP to it ; )

  • @GravitatMediaGroup Yep, I'm downloading it now to see if I can do anything. It looks like it's begging for some grading and can handle it easily!! It just looks fun.

  • @jebsly @driftwood: only the old 45mbps san disks are problematic. The newer ones (sandisk extreme) are not. I have been using them without any issues even for high intra settings like sedna AQ1 without any problems for a year now.

  • @exilenorth The Tides video looks nice. Thank for posting. Would be interesting to see what the others' grading of this would look like. Good stuff.

  • @driftwood. Shot for several hours with Cluster X DREWnet in 24p, no card issues with SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s. The footage looks great. Did some 'noise tests' at all ISO settings. Although it gets slightly grainy as usual the footage is perfectly usable (for me) up to 1600 with 'smooth' -2,-2,-2,-2 and 3200 'smooth b&w'. And all this I realized after was in 24L averaging 62Mbps. Superb work!

  • @Mirrorkisser I second that. The new extreme sandisk version is good as gold. No crash to speak of.

  • @bara Yeah it's only a rough test to get an idea of the hack; I might do a more scientific test if I get chance and stick it on a tripod.

    @driftwood @mirrorkisser Really? I might have to pick up one of the newer ones then. The 95mbps cards seem to have completely vanished everywhere I look!

  • @jebsly: for sure :) its a good way to save some bucks aswell. Although with some settings there is better spanning with the 95mbps cards. Sedna AQ1, Intravenus did not always span, but that is not essential for me. When i shoot an interview i use a longer gop setting with the same matrix.

  • @jebsly 95MBps cards available at B&H - $129. (64GB)

  • Someone previously said that MOON is not delivering "very sharp" images. Actually im using FD lenses, and i´m working with "Cluster v7 DREWnet 444 Sharp2" It´s a wonderfull patch, but I think files can be larger and have better response to grading. I cant change now my setting because Im in a paid job and cant risk to have mistakes. So my question is... has anyone seen that MOON is not that sharp? Because as im using FD lenses and is very important to me that the patch has a lot of detail. THANKS TO DRIFTWOOD AND EVERYONE INVOLVED!

  • Who said that ? I definitely can't confirm that.

    'Moon' is a highly reliable, high detailed, sharp setting. Using Pany, Canon, Samyang lenses.

    Even with a Nikkor AIS lens it's a very sharp setting !

  • *** NEWS *** Cluster X 'Spizz' GOP3 has been updated to Trial 4 from @bkmcwd. Many thanks for his continued hard work on this.

  • @danielvy, my experience is that moon may be a just a little bit softer than, say, sedna or flowmotion, but I found that of IV too. Isn't the cinemasmooth/444 encoding a little different anyway? I notice it felt softer most in underexposed areas, particularly in wide shots, but the gh2 always has problems with underexposed areas, so....

    Personally, I prefer the look -- I usually shoot with a hollywood black magic filter anyway.

  • Not really much problem with sharpness here though -- shot yesterday with moon on the 100-300.

    00074 1.png
    1166 x 656 - 2M
  • @JDN Nice - y'know, I really love the 100-300 lens. I need to bust it out again since I've only have the DG 25mm 1.4 on the GH2 for a long time.

  • Don't listen to the guy who said Moon was not sharp. 20 people say it is, 1 says it isn't. Case closed. :)

  • @vicharris I could not help but take your advice and have a play with the footage @exilenorth shot using @driftwood Cluster X Trial 1.

    I am by no means a grader/colorist and neither have I tried anything special here. To be honest I have just thrown all sorts of things at the footage to see how it deals with it and...... I AM IMPRESSED! This is my quick attempt to kill and break the footage. Its not perfect i know but you get the idea.

    I have included stills from the original and each of the 3 test grades. I have also included a video showing all of them one after the other. When i get a minute I will try and do more of an actual intricate grade.

    Sequence 01.Still006.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 558K
    Sequence 01.Still007.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 790K
    Sequence 01.Still008.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 997K
    Sequence 01.Still009.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1023K
  • @danielvy Canon FD lenses are known for being soft. Try other lenses!

  • Untouched frame grabs from a video I shot this weekend. Thanks for the updated settings, Driftwood!

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • @Nameless grading is good. is it captured in iso 500+??? why there is visible noise in all the frames???

  • @driftwood, maybe v2 of moon can be called "unbreakable"

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