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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • @rajamalik Just because you nagged me so much - and a Xmas prezzie for all Driftwood Intra fans, I will release Canis Majoris Day AM shortly.


  • @Driftwood thanks for the amazing present. I'll give it a go this weekend

  • @driftwood OMG!! Thank you so much sir, this is a damn surprise for me. I am speechless. Thank u for considering my request. Merry Christmas sir.

  • Thank you for all of your work Nick! Have a great holiday :)

  • Can somebody please tell me the difference between Canis AM and PM and Night? Is it like Cluster 6 sharp and soft?

  • I just replaced my GH1 with GH2 and going to try the Cluster patches, but some things are not so clear to me:

    What I see from the settings, if I switch to PAL, then I can shoot at 50fps, if I understood right. But can I shoot at 25 with the same characteristics and success as if as at 24?


  • No, you can't. It has been discussed here long and wide. 24 fps will always be better than 25 fps, since 25 was introduced as HBR in an afterthought by Panny.

  • Hey folks, I tested the Apocalypse setting with I-Frames, and thats happens:

    It looks GREAT! Sharper and more detailed than the old sedna. I hope you like it - merry x-mas!

  • I just loaded the canis majoris night patch for a little video last night. I filmed for about 30 min continuously, but the files were all ~3 min, 51 sec. For the most part, they all played back fine, except for a few clips. In the first few seconds there's sort of corruption. Ive been using hacks on a gh1 for a while and also on my gh2, and this is the first patch I've tried that splits continuous shots like this. I checked the settings in ptools, and i have the '30 min time limit removal' checked and no settings for recording limit selected. Is it because of the bitrate settings? Thanks for the help and hard work. I had been using your old gopstoppa patch with my gh2, and a custom setup i pieced together for when i was using the gh1.

  • @Aashay I recommend finding the specific CM thread as driftwood goes into detail there. I am not a patch whiz, but basically CM night is made to perform very well at night and has beautiful film like grain even at ISO 6400 so you can make very pleasing shots in lower light than any other patch I have tried (please lemme know folks if something else is out there). It still works in the day but is a bit less colorful. CM day is made to shine at day. They are two of my favorite patches. CM night especially since I love filming at night.

    edit- the original CM topic is linked in the first page of this thread.. but just to be nice here it is

  • @mee.. Thanks man. I tried searching for the detail but couldnt find it so cheers for the link. I'll definately look into both since I dont have a lot of light gear. Does it result in huge files like Sedna? How is the playback situation for 24p?

  • The files are pretty big, but not as big as Sedna as I remember. It is variable bit rate, but definitely can use allot when their is allot of detail. Also you need a top card. Playback for 24p is beautiful.

  • Canis Majoris Night Matrix - shot with indoor lighting using GH2 and Panasonic Leica DG 25 mm Youtube doesn't do justice - I know - but love the low noise I get from the settings

  • @mee re: your file you sent me.

    Not 100% sure what this setting is. Its GOP 3 with p frames 24p with a fairly avg matrix. Here's the streameye image of an i frame.

    Sanity uses GOP 18 so thats ruled out. Flowmo and GOLGOP use B frames in their 3 GOP implementations. However, it could be a very early hack setting but certainly its a setting where in ptools 'encoder setting 1 1080p24 = 2 is checked. The first two scaling matrix flags read as follows;-

    Flag [0]:

    • [00] 6, [01] 8, [02] 10, [03] 12, [04] 8, [05] 10, [06] 16, [07] 20 [08] 10, [09] 16, [10] 24, [11] 28, [12] 12, [13] 20, [14] 28, [15] 32

    Flag [1]:

    • [00] 5, [01] 10, [02] 25, [03] 80, [04] 10, [05] 15, [06] 80, [07] 108 [08] 25, [09] 80, [10] 108, [11] 140, [12] 80, [13] 108, [14] 140, [15] 176


    which confirms that it is the standard unchecked scaling matrices of the Panasonic GH2 (stock matrices) as per graphic attached.

    Summary: Maybe it was an early Driftwood 3 GOP or Kai setting - or one you made yourself?

    1727 x 1375 - 1M
    Stock Panasonic Scaling i Matrix.png
    1284 x 137 - 11K
  • OK, Thanks for the effort Driftwood, It is appreciated. I will check if Ralph_B recognizes it.

  • @mee It could well be this:-

    The setting in the link above was one of my very early settings at 3 GOP, Ralph posted it into the Settings vault in 2011!!! :-)

    Its probably @Kai 's setting though as he did GOP 3 60+M first before anyone.

  • @Driftwood I am pretty sure that is not it, but you finally have me looking deeper into these files, and gave me some clues that have narrowed it down to three choices. (1) Cake (2) Flow Motion (3) Beautiful buffers (Final version). Beautiful buffers is sorta an outsider literally as I have it on a HD I rarely access, however I seem to recall revisiting this patch recently, and also recall dragging stuff over from that hard drive sometime in the last 30 days or so.

  • @the_cubaner be more specific, there is like 1000 apoc now patches

  • @driftwood, I just noticed you added a bit more to your text above.. The more I think about it, I really think it is either your Beautiful buffers patch, which was pre non panny matrices if I remember correctly, or flow motion.

    I did have flow motion on for a sports even recently, but was pretty sure I removed it and added something I suspected might be a bit more beautiful for the comic event, but also was aiming for something that wouldn't eat cards too fast..

    Is there a way to see if it is Beautiful Buffers? If so, I think I am in love with that patch, which happens to be either the first or second patch I ever tried on my GH2. Maybe it's the combination of the 17.5 Nokton and the patch, but something there really pleases my eyes.

    P.S. the only thing I ever change on patches is Audio.

  • @mee I don't think driftwood and flowmotion belong in the same sentence

    and if it is in fact "flowmotion" that you are in love with, you might want to experiment with a few others. I'd start with intravenus 1 or 2. I used to be die hard flowmotion, until I found out there are better patches. no disrespect to lpowell

  • @GravitateMediaGroup

    read my last post a bit more carefully, it is Beautiful buffers (an early Driftwood patch) I am suspecting to be the patch in question. Flowmotion is the runner up at this point. FYI I have used many a driftwoods patches. Orion 3b, or was it 4b is still my all time favorite, though I may have to do some side by sides with BB, if it is indeed what I was using.

    Here is what came out of whichever patch it is. Ungraded except the shots of the girl with the pipe.

    Granted this is all F.95 or very near, and would look great on stock settings, but there is something very pleasing (other than the girls) about the way things looked with the camera during this session.

  • all i'm saying is if was a driftwood patch, it wasn't flow motion and if you are basing what you like off of how soft some of the shots are, it probably is the voightlander, it's a pretty touchy lens. if i'm shooting with a tripod i'll zoom in, focus, then shoot

  • Yes, I know, and Yes, it is a pretty lens and I know it is a big part of it, but I did shoot a second day of this event using sanity 5.1 and though those shots are also wonderful, there is a difference. I am simply trying to see if the patch can indeed be identified, and Driftwood as usual has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping me out.

  • @mee what other patches were you using around that time other than san 5.1?