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GH4 4K Panasonic video camera, official topic
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  • The V-log update is now available for customers in Spain . I made a small tutorial in Spanish of the installation process .

  • Shot with V-LOG and different lenses (Oly 12, Oly 45, Samyang 7.5, Canon 24-105)

    Noise is visible in most of the shots and also banding. For me it is ok, even tough I personally get better pictures with Cine D in this changing light situations

  • Made with GH4 in 4k and with 96FPS On a cruise-ship last year.

  • Sorry if this has been posted already, but this thread is... a wee bit long.

    Just upgraded from GH2 to GH4, and I have a question about the codec Panasonic is now using. Specifically, I'm curious about 4K/100Mbps and FHD/100Mbps codecs and rendering settings in Premiere Pro CC. With the GH2, I found that matching rendering settings to the source material was the best way to produce smooth output that didn't look like stop-motion. I'm trying to do the same with the GH4, but I'm seeing conflicting things.

    When choosing "match input, high bitrate" as the rendering setting, Premiere chooses Main profile, level 5.1. But everything I've read online suggests that the GH4 uses High profile, 5.1. Anyone know which it is, Main or High? Also, what is the distance between keyframes in both 4K/100Mbps and FHD/100Mbps?

    Or does anyone know of a simple tool for analyzing footage to determine codec specs?

    Thanks ahead.

  • Madagascar landscapes. Shot by GH4 V-Log L and DJI Phantom 3 advanced.

  • This is a short scene from Ophelia Hodgson's movie “Mahal Expensive Love” that is being filmed on Maui. I shot this on the Panasonic GH4. The Veydra 16mm Mini Prime lens was used on the opening shot, the Olympus 12mm f1.8 on the leg shots (cropped in post) and the Olympus 45mm f1.8 for the face close ups.

  • @rhayokely

    Pretty, except for the way-oversaturation on my (calibrated) monitor ... wow, the greens & reds particularly were blowing.


  • Thanks Neil, my monitor is the iMac Retina and I have it set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 stock setting. I know I need to get calibration tools as I'm sure it makes a difference. I went back to view again and yes you are right, even on my monitor it looked too saturated so I went back to the editor and opened up the scopes to make new adjustments then replaced the movie with this new version. I would appreciate to know if my corrections have improved it more toward your taste or is it still looking too saturated on your monitor? Aside from the calibration thing, I realize sometimes my eyes get fatigued after long hours staring at the monitor and bringing up the scopes become all that more important. I usually use the RGB parade and vectorscope. Is there another scope that you favor for gauging saturation and color balance?

  • GH4 screen: how to show actual exposure? I'm in A Aperture Priority mode for stills. It seems that in M Manual mode, I can make the screen to show actual exposure by setting Constant Preview to On. However, in A Aperture Priority mode, it does not matter what setting Constant Preview has, it always goes into the "autopilot" mode, and shows bright image nevermind my actual exposure settings. Of course when I'm viewing the already-taken shot, it displays correctly; but I need to get proper exposure displayed on-screen and via HDMI on the external monitor in between the shots in Aperture Priority mode. How? The screen is just always bright.

  • @rhayokely Yah the colors are just a bit too strong, but wow it does look pretty!
    @crowbar haha dude he wasnt talking about your video! So funny.. But the color in yours looks just right I think. And good lord those ARE nice legs!

  • @joethepro & rNeil: I just spent the last five minutes cracking up lol! Indeed I thought Neil was speaking to me and so after re-evaluating my grade I think I did improve it by backing off the saturation even though now it is not as deliciously intense as the first version.

    Most my time here is spent during late hours after I've had a couple of cocktails so yes need to pay better attention. Anyhow, Neil really sensitized me to the subject of saturation and even if I went overboard backing it off on this 2nd version, it was a good learning experience. From so many here, I am constantly gaining knowledge and being inspired! Thank you! P. S. Yes I love her legs, always a nice distraction!

  • If you can't sleep and you don't know what to do - watch this :) GH4@ Lumix14-140

  • @crowbar

    Yes ... the second version was perhaps more "cinematic" as some so like the sort of washed-out colors of many of the late-60's emulsions, though the first was fine with me ... and yes, um ... nice legs ... ;-)


  • Here is a teaser for a puppet Cie, shooted with GH4, sigma 18-35, SpeedBooster, Cinelike-D, FHD 25fps (100mbps), graded in Resolve. I've tried to shoot at 400/800 iso max, so i needed fast aperture and I noticed that we miss a punch'in focus magnifier. Focusing while filming is critic as I want to keep a very light setup (I dindn't use extra viewfinder). Another point is a lack of pre-recording and a buit-in ND Filter which are very usefull for live event, those feature would be the finest add-on for this little piece of cam ! Beside that GH4 is cam to go for image quality, ease of use and price.

  • @MikeLinn Liked it a lot! Nice work.

  • I sent my GH4 off to Panasonic UK for the Audio Buzz fix (as I'd finally cracked and bought a shotgun mic, note mine was an early production GH4) and it seems to have come back with very similar audio performance. It did come back with different firmware (v2.1 vs. v2.3 when I sent it in) and all my settings were toast, but the only audio change I can see is an audio "blip" at the start of recordings. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me an opinion on these:

    Which are before/after with the VideoMic Pro turned off and in-camera audio gain of -12, 0 and +6, except I didn't do a -12 "before".

  • @Dr_Jon I'm half deaf but sound the same to me.

  • I spoke to Panasonic's UK repairers who were, err, "vapid", I think works as a description, so I sent the attached two images to Panasonic asking for an opinion. What I'd really appreciate is if anyone who has a fairly recent GH4 could let me have a couple of 15-sec or so movies (or extracted 16-bit wav files) with a switched-off external microphone and audio gain settings of 0 and -12 dB. Thanks in advance.

    764 x 864 - 144K
    1020 x 870 - 121K
  • Does anyone know where can i buy a new sensor for my gh4? Thanks!