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How many axis for stabilizer?
  • Hi, since the E-M10 has 3 axis only, but otherwise looks ok, I wonder if 5-axis is needed or 3-axis is sufficient for video.

    I never used one of these electronic gyroscopes that stabilize video cameras, as they are too expensive, but is it so that they often feature 3-axis stabilization?

    I watched IMPRESSIVE footage from the E-M1 regarding stabilization, but it is too expensive when considering landscape dynamic range and ISO performance. So hence the question: what to expect regarding stabilization for video use in the E-M10?

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  • Of course more axes are better! Just how much are you going to jump around? Can you walk smoothly? are you use wide or telephoto lenses. 9 axes should do it.

  • No words about stabilization in video in the E-M10, but my guess is that will not work for recording video. The older Olympus cameras never enabled it for vídeo (used a crappy electronic stabilization), same with the Lumix GX7. Maybe something with this 3-axis stabilizators tech cause issues with video.

  • I am not talking about 9 axis really, nor tele ;) Just 3 versus 5. Any practical experience?

    In the OMD-series, stabilization tends to be enabled during video AFAIK, but no word so far about the new model.

  • Actually, just checked on the Norwegian Olympus site and the specs there say 3-axis IBIS during video.

    So the question seems relevant.

  • But in the Olympus Asia site says nothing for video stabilization...

    Olympus USA, no mention. It is somewhat confusing at this point.

  • OMD-M1 has IBIS during video and it's wonderful. Check proper camera thread and eventually Voldemort site.


  • What site is this Voldemort? There are some examples on Vimeo by this fellow:

    Fantastic. But E-M1 really s***s at still photo (noise like hell and low dynamic range) so I find it overpriced.

  • E-M1 is fine for still, its not like we are doing photo as living, hell even I just use mobile phone for snaps most of the time.

    I read from imaging-resource that3 Axis still work on video since the sensor is still "floating" like 5 Axis IS.

    "For video recording, Olympus has also included a hybrid IS system utilizing both sensor-shift and digital image stabilization "