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Nexus 7 to view clips
  • I wanted to know if anyone has experience using a Nexus 7 (2013 version) to view clips from a hacked gh2. I don't know which hack, I just know it is over 100mbps. I'm wondering if I would be able to use it to playback clips when I'm on the go before I get to my desk to edit. My idea was to use a card reader. Also, I have a 64gb thumb drive, so would it be possible to move clips onto the thumb drive from a memory card using just the tablet (and a few cables)? I am very close to pulling the trigger on buying one, and this will be the deciding factor, so any help is appreciated.

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  • No problem for FM 202 files but...

    No way to read via otg and a card reader files on a 64GB card. That file system is not supported from the only app that is capable of read SD cards without rooting it.

    Sorry I do not remember the app name. I'm on the phone now

  • Edit I have the nexus previous version. Anyway MX player works like a threat

  • great, thanks. And just to clarify, I want to view the videos from 8gb or 32gb sandisk extreme sd cards. I was hoping to be able to transfer them with some sort of file viewer app and a small usb hub. I film a bit of skiing, so ideally I would like to be able to use a tablet to dump a card onto the thumb drive so that I can use it again later in the day. Then at the end of the day, I can pull the clips I like and play them on the tablet for friends to watch

  • I have a Nexus I and I was looking to see my shots directly from the SD card.

    I have an OTG cable bought on amazon. There's an app called Nexus media Importer which permits to read external devices via OTG aand a card reader. It works with several usb dongles but I have a 64GB card and ExtFat is not supported. End of my dreams. There's another option: rooting your device and using stickmount (another app) nut I never tried.

    I don't know if the new Nexus 7 has an improved OTG support.

    BTW with a player as Mx Player non problem playing 100mbs MTS files from the local memory.

  • If you ask me, it is best to just spend time and search for Windows tablets with normal USB port and, if possible, full size SD reader.