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Hueco Tanks Texas
  • If you love Climbing then you know where Hueco Tanks is. Got the chance to take my 10 year old son there for Christmas. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.

    Filmed with my Panasonic GH3, GoPro 3 Black, and Modified Full Spectrum GF1 simultaneously. I shot with the GoPro on the GH3's hot shoe so I would have simultaneous wide angle and tight views. The GF1 was on a tripod and was put in Black and White mode with contrast turned all the way up because of the extra UV/IR light that is let in. It can literally see in the dark.

    No color grading was done at all. I simply don't have time for it. This is straight out of the camera video just pieced together with the music.

    I think the future of filming is multiple cameras operated by a single person. Maybe just a pipe dream but it is still my dream.

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  • Wow! Those kids can climb.

    I think you're right about multiple cameras. I shoot with two cameras for small events. I set up my GH2 on a tripod and let it roll. (I've gotten two hours on one chip and one battery.) Then I shoot my T2i handheld to get closeups and multiple angles. Still, I'd like at least one more camera to get more variety for the edit. I might get another (used) GH2 for that.

    Having not used any GH2 hacks, I found your "Ultimate Panasonic GH2 Settings Update Guide" video. I ran into problems downloading the "No adverse effects settings" from the forum entry you linked to. The attachments do not seem to have links.

    I've been looking through the forum and found "Sanity 5.1". Do you think that will give me a "no adverse effects" experience?

    Thanks and peace,