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Feature Film - Romancing Sydney
  • Hiya. This is a finished film - its won an award and been to a few film festivals.

    Elisa is young and sweet. Sachin is dreamy and naive. Will fate keep them together? Zac and Alex fell in love amidst dance and gymnastics. But can someone truly be that sure? George works in Lili's antique shop and has a secret that could shock everyone... Through a saga intertwined with dance pieces, six individuals embrace their emotions in Sydney.

    Trailer -

    Dance sequences - Tristezas -

    Chopin's Meloncholy Waltz -

    Tweets at :-

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  • Second Prize - Long Feature Films - Baghdad Intl Film Festival

    Selection at - Baghdad Intl Film Festival
    Delhi Intl Film Festival
    Kochi Intl Film Festival
    Kanyakumari Intl Film Festival
    FIC Luanda Intl Film Festival
    El Festival Internacional de Cine de No Violencia y Medio Ambiente