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RJ Lens Turbo m43 adapters
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  • Has the blue halo issue on the lens booster been resolved in later samples? I bought one in August of 2014 and it had the blue dot in high contrast situations.

  • Does RJ adapter mount a sort of iris ring? (sorry if my english is uncorrect).

  • I finally get the adapter. I'm pretty happy: il solid, whith no play-lock (at least 0,2-0,4mm), and the crop factor bring you litterally a secondo lens set. The only thing strage to me, is about the blue-spot: considerably presente almost the time, in condition of high lights and outside. It is more evident depending the lens mounted, but there is. I'm tryng to use some ND filter to fix this and it help. Someone knows some solution about that?

  • The optical designer of the Metabones adapter explains in that this is due to reflections internal to the lens.

    There are reports, for instance, that the Zhongyi / Mitakon Lens Turbo II was specifically redesigned (over its previous generation) to not produce blue spots (any more) on its own.

  • Hello, Yes, I knew about that. But all the articles I read about this defect, explain that the blue-spot spot can appear in some occasio n, depending by the lens. About my thests, it come out almost in Evert light condition, plus some other artifact. So, everyone told me that RJ and Zhongyi hare pretty the same, it's not true at all?

  • I think that this adapter is not so good. Blue spots and many other kind of reflection hare unpredictables, and impose to change framing and lighting every time.

  • I think it is not bad. I have it and I like it. The sharpness is good corner to corner and the blue dot just start to show up after f8 to f22, in fstops from 1.2 to 5.6 I cannot see it. The lens flare increases with the adapter but this is expected because there are more glass in the way, but the flares follows the main lens flares when you move the camera, so no problem at all. The adapter lenses are coated so the increase in flares are not so much pronounced. It is good value for what it does.

  • good to know @apefos

    can anyone who has the blue spot problem,confirm that it only happens at f8 and bigger and not at f1.2 to f5.6 range?

  • It happen evreytime at every aperture. The point is: at f2,8 (on the 35mm FD) to approx f3,5 is not clear, is just a blue shadows, extremely faded and in some case not so visibile. But there is. Over f3,5 is more clear and rounded. This is for everyone here: with iris wide open, make some middle-exposed frames. Then try to cover the lens with the hand like an hood, till you finger hare immediatly out of the frame. You will see the entire picture color change from purple dominant to natural color. The blue spot Is evreytime present, just invisible in most of the occasion.

  • Well, after some try, i found a way to cut off some flares. It doesn't solve the problem 100%, but it help. I rotate the frontal lens of the adapter to his limit in clockwise direction. After that, many reflections hare disappeared. I still have infinity.

  • I think we cannot expect metabones quality in a low price product, but it is usable, at least in the GH2 1080p I like it, I did not try in 4k. It also minimizes the purple fringing and softness from manual focus lenses wide open.

  • Of course, it's a cheap product, and it's fine.

  • Well, I tried to screw just a little bit more the lens elements in clockwise sense and it solve the problem 20%...then, I bought a PVC tube, and build some kind of plastic hood, just much more narrower than normal hoods...and it's a very good solution. I'm not saying that ALL problems hare disappeared, but it's a greath step forward. Anyway: for everyone here that think to buy a RJ LT: don't do that. Tray to modify iris aperture of your lens, to get a stepless iris ring, then buy some ZY adapter. As ThomNircovic says.

  • Hi people. Quick question, is it normal that I can't reach infinity on my lens (even after several flange adjustments) with this speedboster ? My cam is a GH2 and my lens a Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 (Nikon mount) ?

    Thanks to answer

  • @ monks19 try to screw also the frontal lens of the adapter, and always measure the dof and infinity at wide open iris.

  • Well, after a long talk with RJ about my problems with the adapter, he offered me a partial (honestly, very generous) refund. However, I ask for give back the product for a complete refund. After that, RJ has still decided independently to refund the amount proposed by him, telling me that he would do tests to help me to solve my problem. This was 3 days ago. I'm still waiting. Well, I'm lucky, he is very kind and generous, as I said, but I'm not happy at all. This product sucks man. It suffers of terrible blue dot. Somethings change after 2 or 3 adjustment (I bought an hoods, I made a DIY hoods, I tried to use ND filters, and I also tried to unscrew the optical bench), but it's really hard to predict dangerous light situations. I'm making a lot of tests, and when I'm sure to get wonderful shots, in my computer those seems horrible and purple. The infinity adjustment is poor (the optical bench wobble if I try to unscrew it to reach infinity).

  • @DZA This is a documented issue. You knew it going into the purchase. Why are you surprised, and angry?

  • @DZA

    It is time to end your crusade :-)

  • Does RJ even care about thos issues ? I mean, how log it has been debated ?

  • Does RJ even care about thos issues ?

    It is not issues. It is specific design made for specific cost.

    It'll be cool to see much improved version.

    Some people just turn it into crusade.

  • "It is not issues. It is specific design made for specific cost."

    What do you mean ?

    BTW, has any suggestion been made for stops markings on the apperture wheel ? It'll be quite helpfull, if possible.

  • What do you mean ?

    I mean that I told.

    BTW, has any suggestion been made for stops markings on the apperture wheel ? It'll be quite helpfull, if possible.

    You mean adapter that can change lens lever position?

  • When I bought it, I was expect a chinese product with some refraction problem, maybe not so sturdy. To me, this is sound correct, for that cost. I knew about blue dot as a problem that appear "just in some occasion". And I asked for a comparison with the Zhongyi, about which someone told me that the two products were virtually identical. Today, through other buyers present here, I find that one suffers from the problem and the other not. So yes, I'm a little angry. An I'm talking about it because it's full of people that don't know that question as it is for true. Hope everyone here have more point to decide about it :)

    I finish the crusade with a picture, this seem right.

    Schermata 3.png
    1280 x 800 - 2M