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New Fashion Film GH2 showing B&W power.
  • Hello, here is my last work from this camera.

    Love its texture, no its banding.


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  • Thanks @matt_gh2. The Rokinon Cine set was used with the moot T7 patch.

  • I agree with specialized BW patch, i sat that to Driftwood

  • Looks great, was there this much banding in original footage?

  • Yes, it has all this "grate" banding from original source. Its a shame since on color you may attain a fine gradiation, but on B&W in camera it shure need a specialized patch.

    sucks, banding sucks.

    lets hope mr @driftwood consider it.

  • At which point did you convert it to bw? What was your workflow, transcoded or not, graded where etc?

  • the patch was moon t7. the settings where smooth b&W. directly from camera on post i just did lifting on contrast, grading on premiere but when i saw all the banding i stoped the workflow and just cut it. im disapointed since i know this camera can make better images

  • And that's why I left 8bit 4.2.0

  • @vicharris Im right now in that transition. But i really dont know what to go for. BMPCC dont have the right texture. I was rooting for the good old ikonoskop, second hand. I can blow it to 2k, but its allready a little bit old. I dont mind the sensor size, since i understand very well how to handle cinematogrpahy aspects. Its the texture, i could buy an alexa but many people dont understand how character must be from sensor side and lens, and this clinical modern sensors, are all Dinamic range but no color acurate.

    There was one french atom digital camera that handles color much like king, but the project was shut down, and bought, so must be readjusted.

    BMPCC BMCC BM4k same plastic look like RED and ALEXA. Im not calling film come back, but im calling panasonic to make this GH4k stuff NMOS (ccd+cmos tech) with raw capability. If not i may be getting a C500 from canon lord forgive me!

  • All I have to say is if you think the Alexa and BMCC present a plastic look, there's really not much to discus here. We're not even in the same universe. Good luck with a C500.

  • Have you tried grading in AE in 32 bit?

    Trying to adjust the contrast of an 8bit image in an 8bit workflow is a surefire way to make your banding more noticeable since there are fewer steps/gradations to play around with.

    I've gone back and looked at some of my old footage I shot on a 7D a few years back and grading it in AE 32 bit does make it seem to not fall apart and become posterized so easily.