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Greece: Some results
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  • The number of companies active in the construction sector has declined by 35.4 percent since 2004 . Worse, compared to the 401,000 employees in the sector during the third quarter of 2008 – just before the recession cycle started – construction employed just 141,800 workers at end-2016, which means that at least 64.6 percent of the construction workers eight-and-a-half years ago have now been forced out of the sector.


    Consumers have cut their supermarket spending by up to 38 percent from 2015, according to an MRB Hellas survey.

    Yep, definitely.

  • The amount of money that taxpayers owe to the state soared by 5.47 billion euros in the first half of the year, according to the latest official data made available.

    Meanwhile, authorities are ordering about 900 confiscations a day in an effort to recoup the money owed by Greeks.

    The ministry officials expect that the extra debts which will be racked up this year will rise from 5.47 billion euros to around 12-13 billion by the end of the year.

    The birth rate is dropping, the population growth rate has been in negative territory for five years, and more than half a million people – most of them young – have left crisis-riven Greece. At the same time, over 50 percent of young adults continue to live with their parents right up until their 30s.

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  • Data from the Independent Authority for Public Revenue revealed on Thursday that in August alone – even before the start of payments for the Single Property Tax (ENFIA) – unpaid taxes amounted to almost 1 billion euros.

    IAPR figures showed that expired debts to the tax authorities increased by 1.07 billion euros in August from end-July, reaching up to 8.55 billion since the start of the year. Of that 1.07 billion, 938 million euros comprises taxes that households and enterprises failed to pay.

    The IAPR data showed that 3.85 million taxpayers and corporations owe the state a total of 98.2 billion euros.

    The IAPR announced it implemented 132,452 confiscations from January to end-August, and is allowed to carry out forced measures on 1,652,508 state debtors.

    Proper tax avoidance becomes good citizen obligation.

  • Pushing poor citizens, but paying properly to all "partners"


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  • More part time workers

    According to the latest available figures from the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA), which concern May 2017 and derive from employers’ declarations for employed workers, more than three in 10 workers had part-time work with average gross pay of 389.65 euros.

    Out of a total 2,055,456 employees declared, 30.96 percent or 636,424 of them worked part-time. Their average daily wage was just 23.48 euros. While the average employment rate at enterprises increased 2.36 percent on an annual basis, the average daily wage fell 2.38 percent and the average salary was reduced by 0.09 percent. The average daily wage of full-timers came to 49.6 euros and the average salary to 1,152.19 euros.

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  • Primary school teachers clashed with riot police in Athens on Monday for the second time in under a week, during a protest against government plans to change public sector hirings.

    The teachers say schools are under-staffed and are demanding the creation of additional permanent positions. They argue that an education ministry bill currently under public consultation is unfair to those with years of experience.