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Still Master Vodka - Take A Moment
  • This was a fun commercial I shot at the end of August for a new product line of Canadian Vodka from Shelter Point Distillery. The clients have great personalities and it is rewarding to build relationships with people who trust my work and ideas. I think together we are developing a good brand that represents who they are. That sandbar is over 600ft from shore. It was a chore to get all our gear there at low tide. At high tide, we used row boats to cart everything back though. Coordinating the time of day for the shoot with the tides in and out for shots was tricky. It made me glad I am a sailor and knew how to read tide and current tables during preproduction! The aerial shot at the end was captured using an octocopter by Duane over at All shots on GH2 (magenta filter in front of sensor) ISO 200, Super Takumar lenses (28mm, 35mm, 50mm macro, 135mm), smooth all -2, Driftwood's Moon Trial 7, Speedbooster, colored and edited in FCPX.

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  • awesome man!

  • I expected to see drunk man on the beach who mastered few bottles of vodka :-)

  • Really well done and I love the concept!

  • @vitaliy that made me laugh. @vicharris thank you.