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Anamorphic crop in post, cheap Vivitar 28-200 lens, GH2, Moon T7 hack.
  • my test of Moon T7 hack, anamorphic crop in post, minimal color grade, stabilization was added in post. Lenses: Vivitar 28-200, Lumix 14-140

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  • Which anamorphic lens you use?

  • The footage does not appear to be shot in anamorphic, it looks to me like regular 16:9 that is letterboxed (look at the bokeh @ 14s).

    To help clarify: anamorphic footage requires an anamorphic lens during shooting; it is a shooting technique originally designed to achieve a widescreen aspect ratio on a non-widescreen native aspect ratio capture device. The difference in aspect ratio directly correlates to the strength of the squeeze factor from the anamorphic lens (1.33x/1.5x/2x). Cropping 16:9 footage can't achieve other anamorphic characteristics such as vertically stretched bokeh, often unique lens flares, etc, which are as important to achieving an anamorphic look as the widescreen effect you are seeking. Also, when you shoot anamorphic, the image is captured stretched vertically (to take advantage of the full sensor/film capture area) then must be corrected either in post or upon projection for a non-distorted image. I hope that helps to clarify it a little bit! Beautiful imagery by the way, anamorphic or not!

  • @Pluss Letterboxing isn't the same as anamorphic. Generally speaking, you shoot anamorphic so you don't have to crop.

  • thank you for comments, yes this is regular 16:9 image, croped in adobe premiere to look anamorphic, nothing special, a lot music videos are made like this... :)

  • The crop has nothing to do with anamorphic. Cinema is full of 2.35:1 spherical processes, from the economical Techniscope and other partial-pulldown techniques (think Sergio Leone movies) all the way to the compromised bastard format that is Super-35mm (think Terminator 2). The difference between all of these and even mild anamorphic photography is obvious immediately or at least very quickly.

    Nothing you did made it look anamorphic. A lot of music videos are made that way to look cinematic, not anamorphic. There is a difference.

  • A lot of music videos are made that way to look cinematic, not anamorphic. There is a difference.

    And some appear to be actual anamorphic,