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Steadicam and alternatives
  • Hey guys, I'm trying to incorporate shots that are on moving vehicles, such as train, bus, or car, and I don't want any vibrations to show in the footage (single camera operator). For a gh3, what's a reasonable setup that will work? What's appropriate, movi-type or steady cam type of setup?


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  • I think it needs consulting of pros who made such shots. As if you need really steady shots without bumps and such it can cost you quite a money.

  • Do you need to pull focus? If not, go for something like a glidecam. It is compact, relatively cheap. If you need to pull focus as a single camera operator, it will be tough but possible with remote motors and fingerwheel focus knob like from Redrock or RTMotion.

  • @jfilmmaker if you want, send me a pm with details about the type of shots you like to incorporate. I am working such setups as well just with larger cams for a documentary.

  • For sure, thx - I want to be pretty flexible, but for now, I'm just looking for smoothness, not necessarily a focus pull. Working on a feature documentary that will incorporate a lot of smooth, slow motion style shots in traffic, and on busses, likely following a single character, or shooting out of the front window onto the street from a car on the highway. Is glidecam good for this? I'm trying to eliminate that shaky vibration feeling. Thx!

  • a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer is probably smoother, but also more expensive and less flexible regarding weight (different lenses, accessories). Such a thing also needs power. For documentary style shooting, I usually carry my glidecam with me to throw a GH3 or 5D on it quickly. IT is quite smooth if you balance it properly and have some practice with it.

    Currently, I am looking into the Flowcine G-1. That thing looks interesting as well, because it is so flexible and works with different set ups etc.

  • @Tobsen Which Glidecam are you using for Gh3?

  • VK lists stabilisers for sale in his deals threads on this forum, check them out.

    Is where I purchased my Laing P-03 MC for my Panasonic GH1 from.