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Physics of Creativity Research Institute: a fashion video intro made with GH3
  • Hi, just wanted to post this intro video I made for the final fashion show of ITS 2013, an international competition for young designers ( I also created the concept of the whole event, which was based on a surreal mixture of creativity and science, where creativity itself is measured and analyzed, and formulas, theories and coefficients are used trying to define it. Meaning of the outfits, data, the heart, etc would take too long to be described here, but believe me they are there for a reason :) Shot on GH3, Panny 35-100 2.8. Software used: Premiere, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Audition. I also created the audio track my mixing 3 different electronic tracks.

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  • very nice. must have been alot of hours spent for all those effects

  • well done. amazing work on the effects.

  • Thanks guys. Yes it was quite a work, but have to say Premiere on my new iMac was a breeze, really astounding performance

  • Great work overall and I am a sucker for those kinds effects...

  • Great stuff!