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Latest shoot for Garden TV using Moon5
  • Here's another shoot that just finished post. IMO, some of the best footage is at the end during the night shot with SLRs 25mm and 12mm lenses. All day footage was shot with the Tokina 12-24. Password: password

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  • BTW: I dig this :-)

  • @driftwood Thanks man. Now all that's left is for the client to actually pay what they owe! I was smart enough this time to hold on to all footage at least. All the dailies, project files and masters are just sitting here that could magically disappear if the money doesn't come in :)

  • @vicharris Nice work. Audio sounds great. To often audio seems to be the after thought. Not in this case. Wish you a speedy payment! :)

  • @vicharris did you get paid in the end? just curious ;) Also would you recommend MoonT8/5 in such a scenario (was there a lot of grading done?) or a more stable patch? I usually stick with flowmotion 2.02 and Valkyrie444 just because of stability reasons... Nearly got a heartattack when MoonT4 failed on me some while ago on a (poorly) paid shoot. Also which audio gear did you use? Sorry for all those questions! Best Regards from Germany

  • @vicharris Very nice look to the whole video. It looks so good I don't think it needs the fancy transitions between overlay shots. I find them a little distracting. I do like Moon T5 more than other patches. Great job.

  • Great lookin video. What did you record the audio on vic?

  • Nice work Vic. And a nice subject. I would have never guessed Malibu had any farm land!

    Since this was the GH2, what method did you use for focus confirmation…?