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Short film "The Call" shot with Flowmotion 2
  • We shot a short film last summer right before I moved away. The original cut fell flat but we decided to switch it to a silent film style and it turned out much better than expected. Shot mostly with a GH2 (a little bit of HMC150), all smooth -2,-2,-2,-2 with the FlowMotion patch.

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  • Good effort!

    Some of the comedy was too slapstick for my liking and a humorous ending would have been nice but the lead has comedic potential worth developping. Has he been in any other shorts?

  • Thanks, I agree that he has potential. He edited The Call and basically saved it from being completely useless so he's pretty talented.

    Yeah, we've done a few others but they are also pretty slapstick and quick-cut heavy.

  • hey there dbp!!!
    I'm not commenting on the story, but the intertitles: very hard (un-apelative) to read.
    there's a reason silent films had simple, smaller and centered easy reading intertitles

    all good

    liked the music ;)

  • Just a question, what's your workflow for exporting, compressing and uploading? I only ask because I've never seen this amount of noise in well exposed shots? Seems something went wrong in the workflow process. I'm dealing with this same thing right now and Vimeo.

  • Noise was all added in in post for the first short. Source footage was very clean.

    If you're asking about the second two, neither of those were shot with the GH2.

  • Never add noise, please.