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The First of Two Films in my 'Hometown' Series
  • Hi, All! I had posted a week or so back about some art gallery bound films of mine that I was projecting this past weekend. Here is the first of two films in the series. This one is maybe a month old, and was in a show then at Bethel University in their Johnson Gallery. I displayed it on my Dell U3011 which I built into the wall just for the show along with a laptop for playback. It is not really made with web viewing in mind, it supposed to be viewed in an art gallery, but some folks here on the forum expressed interest in seeing my work, so I uploaded it to share with the community.

    I shot it all on GH2 with @Driftwood Moon Trial 5. I used a Kowa 16-H with Redstan clamps and a Lightcraft Workshop Fader ND Mark II, mounted on a Konica Hexanon 40mm f1.8, usually stopped down to f2.8 or even f4.

    This is the first, and has certain things that make it very successful in terms of capturing my concept for the project. But technically, I think I prefer the second film even though it is simpler in some ways.

    I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it is of some use. Feedback and questions are of course welcome! (Note: I'm going to go ahead and post this, but Vimeo might initially be still in the process of converting the clip.)

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  • A unique presentation of Minnesota. The expansive aspect ratio really help draw your eye into the scenes. I also love the somewhat muted quality of the road sound. The whole thing felt like you were showing off the place, but in a way that preserved the ebb and flow of life there. You could've jazzed it up with fancier editing and music, but you didn't - the restraint is rather refreshing and challenged me, the viewer, to slow my senses and just absorb the imagery. One question: what was your motivation/reason for juxtaposing the two "windows" in which the opening window (car POV) gives way to the second window?

  • In regards to your question . . . the juxtaposition of frames is (at least for me) mostly about the formal qualities of the footage, especially the constant motion and uncontrolled framing/imagery of the bottom frame as it contrasts with the much more static and carefully thought out images of the top frame. The bottom frame also serves as a rough representation of how most people (residents of the area included) experience this place.

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