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Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop?
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  • Photoshop Elements 15

  • PaintShop Pro is an amazing software. It isn't an alternative or a replacement, it is one of the best photo editing software. If you can't afford it or it is over your price range, you can find good discount coupons here and get it for a much lower and affordable price. Good luck! :)

  • PaintShop Pro 2018

    Corel introduces PaintShop® Pro 2018, the complete photo editing and graphic design suite that offers more speed, flexibility, and creativity than ever before. Enhance your editing experience with a redesigned and customizable user interface that's now friendlier with high-resolution displays and pen and touch devices. Start and finish your next project faster thanks to improved performance under the hood -- and express your creativity with more than 125 pieces of exciting new content including brushes, gradients, textures, and patterns.

    "Whether you're looking for professional photo editing power or just getting started, you need software that lets you jump in and be productive right away. PaintShop Pro now lets you choose from two unique interfaces, plus it gives you the ability to customize them to build an editing and design environment that's uniquely your own," said Chris Pierce, Product Manager for Corel Photo. "With PaintShop Pro 2018, we're delivering a dramatically faster, easier, and highly creative experience that's even more accessible and of course, still subscription free."

    The new PaintShop Pro 2018 and PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate boost productivity with user-requested enhancements and spark creativity with all-new content, including:

    • NEW! Dual Workspace Environment: Introducing two new workspaces designed to match the way you work! New to photo editing or looking to focus on a core set of tools? Try the new Essentials workspace for an easy-to-use, streamlined look. Or, if you're a PaintShop Pro expert, switch to the Complete workspace for a more traditional experience that offers access to the software's complete editing and design capabilities.
    • NEW! Simplified, Touch & Pen-Friendly Interface: Now get more control over features, functionality, and customization. Node size not right? Change it. Scroll bar too small? Make it bigger. New larger icons now make it easy to work on touchscreens, 2-in-1 devices, and high-DPI monitors.
    • ENHANCED! Faster Launch Time & Performance: Time is precious and whether you're launching a program or performing a specific action, no one likes to wait around. PaintShop Pro 2018 launches more than 50% faster than the previous version (X9), while the software's most popular tools now respond with near-instant results. Text Wrapping is faster and Depth of Field adjustments can be achieved 4 times quicker than before.
    • NEW! Customizable Toolbars: Be more productive with larger, easier-to-see icons and use the new Quick Customize feature to update your toolbars with the tools you want at your fingertips.
    • NEW! Color Palettes, Brushes & More Creative Content: Choose from a selection of complementary hues with 10 new Color Palettes, apply artistic strokes with 30 new Brushes, and get creative with 30 new Gradients, 30 new Textures, and 15 new Patterns.

    Choose PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate, the comprehensive editing kit for photographers, and also receive a collection of add-ons worth more than $250 including:

    • NEW! Painter® Essentials™ 5: Get photo-painting tools that easily transform your pictures into impressive art right before your eyes. Or start sketching, drawing, and painting from scratch using Natural-Media® brushes.
    • NEW! Perfectly Clear 3 SE: Restore details, color, and other elements lost by your camera with the proven, patented corrections. Create a custom look with robust, time-saving presets that let you control multiple adjustments with just one click -- all without leaving PaintShop Pro.
    • AfterShot™ 3: With the addition of AfterShot, get a one-two punch to rival Adobe's Creative Cloud photography subscription, only without the monthly fee -- including, digital asset management, RAW conversion, and adjustment. Take advantage of non-destructive editing that preserves your original, whether you edit one version of your photo or 100.

    Photo Video Bundle Delivers a Complete Editing Package

    Also introduced today, the Photo Video Bundle brings together PaintShop Pro 2018 and VideoStudio® Pro X10 for a complete photo, design, and video editing package to help tell your story. For more information on the Corel Photo Video Bundle, visit us at

    Pricing and Availability

    PaintShop Pro 2018 and PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate are available now in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. Suggested retail pricing (SRP) for PaintShop Pro 2018 is $79.99 (USD/CAN) / EUR 69.99 / £69.99 / $99 AUD. SRP for PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate is $99.99 (USD/CAN) / EUR 89.99 / £89.99/ $129 AUD. SRP for PaintShop Pro 2018 and Video Studio X10 bundle is $159.99 (USD/CAN) / EUR 139.99 / £139.99/ $199 AUD. All European pricing includes VAT. Upgrade pricing is available to registered users of all previous versions of PaintShop Pro. For more information or to download a free 30-day trial, please visit

  • Affinity Photo is the only serious contender. If someone came up with a node-based application with all of PS's features, that would be a big deal.

  • @4CardsMan


    It is PhotoReactor -

    Also available for any software that works with Photoshop Plugins

    650 x 456 - 65K
  • GIMP 2.9.6 Released

    • GIMP now has support for experimental multi-threading in GEGL and will try to use as many cores as are available on your computer.
    • Lot of GUI, Usability, and Configurability changes
    • Better Hi-DPI Support
    • On-canvas Interaction Changes
    • Layers, Linear and Perceptual Workflows
    • CIE LCH and CIE LAB widely supported
    • New Tools
    • Painting improvements
    • Raw Images Processing
    • Better PSD Support
    • WebP support
    • Metadata Viewing and Editing

  • Photoshop Elements 2018

    Before we get into what’s new for this release, we’d like to reassure you that you didn’t miss versions 16 and 17! Moving forward both apps will take on the upcoming year of their release in-lieu of a version number; hence, the transition from version 15 to Photoshop Elements 2018 and Premiere Elements 2018.

    With that, let’s get to the good stuff.

    Over the years, the Elements products have emphasized easy photo and video organization, editing, creation, and sharing by combining content intelligence with a user-friendly interface and modes for every level of user.

    This release focuses on enhancing the experience even further for memory keepers with hassle free organization, automated editing and some fun new Guided Edits that walk you through how to edit and create. As you’ll see, there are a number of exciting new features and enhancements so being creative with your photos and videos has never been easier.

    Adobe Elements Organizer 2018

    • Auto-Curate – You no longer need to painfully look through a large batch of your photos to select the best ones. The Elements Organizer now automatically curates your photos based on quality, faces, subjects and more.
    • Totally reimagined slideshows – Slideshows are a popular and fun way to showcase and share your memories, and now you can turn your curated photos and video clips into stylish and dynamic slideshows with just one click. And of course you can add your own personal touch by choosing a different theme and music, or adding captions.
    • New Guided Edits – Guided Edits transform seemingly complex tasks into easy to follow step-by-step instructions that guide you to fantastic results. Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements now offer 67 Guided Edits, including eight brand new ones in this release.
    • Swap Backgrounds – Replace backgrounds in seconds by selecting the subject of a photo and placing it on a background that’s more interesting.
    • Create Double Exposures – Double exposures continue to grow in popularity, but are difficult and time consuming. No more with this new Guided Edit that brings one photo to life within another to create the surreal effect.
    • Add Artistic Overlay Effects – Embellish any photo with a shape overlay and one-click effects that make it a work of art. This Guided Edit is great for scrapbook pages and photo crafts.
    • Make Amazing Watercolors – With this Guided Edit, turn any photo into a beautiful, textured watercolor—and even finish it off with text.
    • Create fun bounce-back effects – Get step-by-step help making a segment of your video run forward and backward repetitively. Export your bounce-back effect as an animated GIF or short video clip that you can quickly share across social channels with your friends and family.
    • Freeze frames with motion titles – Another new Guided Edit that helps you create a freeze frame of your video and add an eye-catching motion title for pro-looking results.
    • Fix Action Cam Footage – Eliminate the wide angle fisheye effect of action cams with guidance on how to expertly trim, correct color, and fix lens distortions so it looks its best.
    • Create animated social posts – Create a short visual story to share on social media by embellishing a video clip with either static or animated text.

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018

    • Automatic Selection – Making a perfect selection is always tough, so we’ve simplified the process. With the new Auto Selection, making precise photo selections has never been easier – simply click, drag and it’s done.
    • Open closed eyes like magic – This happens all the time. You take several group photos and in every one someone has their eyes closed. Well we’ve got a fix for that. Photoshop Elements can now automatically copy the open eyes from one photo and blend them into another to create the perfect shot.

  • In response to Gimp, for reasons I am not 100% sure about Gimp works (at least for me) really well on a native Linux box. Otherwise screen redraws are just horrible, and the software feels like something from Atari ST. However - boot a Linux live CD (or USB) and suddenly it's super fast.

    This may be changing now with the refactoring they are doing. (Gosh - lots of that happening in Linux land).

    Also there is G'MIC support in Gimp which is amazing. Play with it.

  • Sagelight Editor died two years ago, but you can use it

    Download trial -

    It is software made by quite unique mind, extremely small, quite fast and with original concepts.

    Especially if you edit lot of JPEGS can use it.

    1. Locate your Users folder "Users" on your computer (on Windows drive)
    2. Locate your profile.
    3. Make hidden files viewable.
    4. Navigate to "AppData", next "Local", next "19th Parallel"
    5. Delete the file "{556D9-003445-F3CD1B}" and can also delete "{87782-377222-1F8634}"
    6. Trial counter will have reset to 30-days.

    Make sure to also check author old posts -

  • Editing in GIMP

  • GIMP 2.10.0 new stuff


    • Updated user interface
    • GEGL port, high bit depth support, multi-threading, and more
    • Linear color space workflow
    • Color management revamped
    • Layers and masks improved
    • Unified Transform. Warp Transform and Handle Transform introduced
    • Better selection tools
    • Color tool improvements
    • Text tool supports CJK and more writing systems
    • Digital painting improvements
    • Digital photography improvements (including new filters)
    • General bug fixes and usability improvements
    • More file formats supported

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  • Sketchbook Pro is free now, although I think you've got to get an autodesk account after 8 days

  • PhotoDirector 10

    CyberLink Corp. the world's leading consumer multimedia software company, today launched the latest version of its leading photo editing and design software, PhotoDirector 10. The new PhotoDirector presents users of all levels with a host of tools to turn regular photos into stunning works of art. Professional-grade features such as Tethered Shooting and Soft Proofing have been introduced, alongside a new AI Style Engine and additional Style Packs to revolutionize the creative process.

    PhotoDirector 10 delivers a host of improvements to layer editing, allowing more experienced editors greater creative flexibility while making this advanced technique easy to harness for novice users. The introduction of clipping masks, layer grouping and the ability to add new empty layers to projects opens a world of creative possibilities for users to explore. A range of stylish new Express Layer Templates are also available to users looking for quick creative solutions.

    PhotoDirector 10 also includes a collection of built-in Express Layer Templates. In addition to these templates included with the software, more packs will be added for purchase through the CyberLink Store. Four Packs will be available at the time of launch including Lines and Shapes, Galaxy, Teenage, and Comic.

    CyberLink's leadership in AI editing now extends to photos with the inclusion of the revolutionary AI Style Plugin and Packs for PhotoDirector. Introduced to CyberLink's PowerDirector earlier this year, the new AI Style Packs are more than just photo filters. While regular filters simply overlay a generic style on top of an image, CyberLink's AI Style Plugin uses deep learning to produce work demonstrating a much greater understanding of the thought processes behind how human artists create their masterpieces – right down to brush strokes and color tones.

    "PhotoDirector has always aimed to demystify photo editing so that anyone, regardless of their skill level, can create amazing art from any shot," said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. "While we have included some more advanced editing and capture features in this latest version of PhotoDirector, we've held true to our mantra of making the seemingly complex rather straightforward."

    PhotoDirector 10 also brings new workflow improvements for more advanced photographers. Tethered Shooting provides a means for those who need to instantly proof and edit their photos. Whether they are shooting in a studio or working on a timelapse in the field, by connecting their camera to their PC, photographers can shoot and immediately preview their shots all from within PhotoDirector. The addition of Soft Proofing enables those looking to print their work to preview the specific printer’s color and tone rendering and make any adjustment before creating the physical print.

    Versions & Pricing - PhotoDirector 10 Ultra ($99.99)

    Product Availability

    The product is available online at the CyberLink online store and in selected retail outlets worldwide in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean. Windows & Mac versions are available.

  • Pixelmator Pro gets major update with AI-powered photo enhancement tools


    The Pixelmator Team today released Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver, a major update to the fast and powerful image editor for Mac. The update adds support for macOS Mojave, including an all-new light appearance, Core ML-powered automatic photo enhancement, batch image processing via the Automator app, and much more.

    “Users love Pixelmator Pro for making such powerful image editing tools so incredibly easy to use,” said Saulius Dailide, one of the founders of the Pixelmator Team. “And the new ML Enhance is our most powerful feature yet — it lets you dramatically improve the look of any photo with a single click, thanks to a machine learning algorithm trained on millions of professional photos.”

    The new ML Enhance feature in Pixelmator Pro automatically enhances photos — balancing the colors, evening out exposure, and making changes to individual color ranges — to give you the best starting point for making your own creative edits to a photo. Powered by Core ML and developed using a carefully refined set of millions of professional photos, the machine learning algorithm analyzes photos to detect the objects they contain, then enhances their colors and brings out missing details, leaving the final creative touches to the user.

    The update also brings the option to use a gorgeous light appearance, giving users an entirely new way to experience Pixelmator Pro. In addition, Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver includes a refreshed, much more native dark appearance, so the app now adapts seamlessly to the light and dark modes in macOS Mojave. And with automatic switching, Pixelmator Pro instantly updates to match the current appearance of macOS.

    Automator support and five powerful, versatile actions now makes it possible to batch process images using the professional editing tools available in Pixelmator Pro. The Auto Enhance Images action uses the new ML Enhance feature to automatically improve photos, Auto White Balance Images automatically corrects white balance, Apply Color Adjustments to Images and Apply Effects to Images makes every single color adjustment and effect in Pixelmator Pro available in Automator, and Change Type of Images makes it a breeze to convert batches of images from one file format to another. So now, working with large sets of images and making repetitive edits becomes effortless.

    Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver includes many other improvements, including support for colorful SVG Fonts, the new Continuity Camera, an Eraser Mode for the Pixel Paint tool, as well as a range of additional performance improvements and fixes.

    Pricing & Availability

    Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver is available exclusively from the Mac App Store and is currently on sale for $29.99, 50% off its regular price.

    Pixelmator Pro requires macOS High Sierra and a Metal-compatible graphics card. Full system requirements and more information on Pixelmator Pro can be found at

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  • Topaz Studio 2'

    Topaz Studio 2 has only one purpose: creative photo editing. This starts after you select your image and ends when you export your finished work. It’s designed specifically around the artisanal post-processing workflow of carefully crafting a single image to your vision.


    Studio is the editor to use when you want jaw-dropping images and you’re not afraid to spend the time to get them. It’s for creating works that push the bounds of your artistic vision; the few that you know you’ll look back upon in years as one of your best creations.

    That’s why you won’t find library management, design tools, batch editing, or other common “image editor” tools in Studio. There’s a lot of photo editors out there that help you manage your workflow and make minor contrast adjustments. Topaz Studio is not intended for that. If it doesn’t contribute to the vision of creating singularly beautiful images through post-processing, then we’re not including it.

    Instead, Topaz Studio 2 focuses on doing three things well. We consider these the product’s guiding design principles and firmly believe that they will make your creative workflow both easier and faster.

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  • Photoshop Elements 2020

    Automatic coloring of b/w photos


    Adding small DOF in post


    Removing unwanted objects


    Single click object selection and cutout


    800 x 451 - 67K
    800 x 449 - 72K
    800 x 449 - 47K
    800 x 448 - 79K