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Neway CT700HO, 1280x800 IPS compact monitor with good features
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  • I've been trying to convince myself to get the smaller metal cased 5.6" on deals to save some $$ and size but this compact Neway 7" monitor looks like its very much a superior on camera monitor in colour and quality and worth the extra $$. Time to make some adjustments to the budget. lol

    @DrDave - do you have dimension measurements for this monitor? I haven't seen measurements anywhere and the compact design looks nice.

  • I can tell you that if you are using it for actual monitoring you really want the 7". I have it packed away in one of 25 bags of gear but I'll try to fish it out. It is very thin and lightweight, but once you put the battery on that is where the weight is. You won't regret going for the larger size.

  • @RatLabProductions see below extract from manual:

    474 x 653 - 159K
  • Thanks for the feedback

  • I received the HDMI cable, I connected the monitor and. What it is necessary to make that the picture was on all screen? All buttons I tried, but the picture occupies the screen with a difference on 2 cm from edge. What to do? Here - in a subject - the picture is specified all screen, and I also hoped. Can settings in the camera it is necessary change?

  • @Sogdiec

    Make photo or short video, also tell your camera and HDMI mode.

  • Anybody tried it with a BMPCC ? The Seetec and the Ikans don't work with it, while Marshal and SmallHD do.

  • P1060072.JPG
    1024 x 768 - 86K
    1024 x 768 - 91K
  • I am sorry. I found as to increase the picture - the INFO button on 6D. Other question - I can't understand - for what a vertical strip at the left in 1/4 screens. It distorts the picture in all modes. It is breakage? - this strip changes color and the accurate line passes on the screen? Or she is moved away somehow?

    1024 x 768 - 62K
  • If this strip is technical malfunction - what to do? It is advisable to change the monitor. :(

  • @Sogdiec

    It distorts the picture in all modes. It is breakage? - this strip changes color and the accurate line passes on the screen? Or she is moved away somehow?

    Can you make better description and photos?

  • @Sogdiec I'm not sure I understand your question, but this is not a 16x9 monitor. So you either have a black bar (which can show info) or you stretch the picture. Or is this a different issue?

  • how does this compare to the 1280x800 IPS 7" NEWAY CL76HO-X. which one is better and do any of these two work with the BMPCC?

  • how does this compare to the 1280x800 IPS 7" NEWAY CL76HO-X.

    It is very similar, software is the same. It is smaller and simpler in design.

    CL76HO has brighter panel (600 nits), but have small light leaks (mostly fixed now).

  • thanks.

    can anyone confirm if this or these work with the BMPCC?

  • @MRfanny

    By idea they must work. At least never got any report that they do not work with something. I do not know that can be wrong with BMPCC.

  • Does anyone know how the pixel to pixel feature works on this monitor? How do you move the zoomed in area? Unlike the CL76HO, this one doesn't appear to have 4 movement buttons - so is it time consuming to select the area you're trying to focus on (and is this possible)? Also do either monitors have peaking with colour image in the background (not B&W)? Thanks!

  • I purchased one of these through a deal (thanks Vitaliy) and got it shipped express for a job. It's very very light, just a fraction heavier than the Seetec 5.6" but the image is miles ahead of that monitor. I also have the metal cased 5.6" and it's about half the weight! It's also amzingly compact for a 7". Mine does have a few light leaks at the bottom edge - Neway tell me all of their CT700 monitors have this problem. It's an issue but something I can live with I guess. The false colour and pixel to pixel features are great and the image is just brilliant.

    Does anyone else have light leak issues with this model?

  • @wolfshooter

    Can you post a picture of the light leaks? I have been holding off on this monitor to see if they had solved the light leaks that occured in the CL76HO model (with new 600nit panel). I know IPS panels often have minor light leaks but I want to see if its in an acceptable range for me.

  • I have been holding off on this monitor to see if they had solved the light leaks that plagued the CL76HO model.

    Plagued is strong word. 95% of light leaks reports are from small period. 100% of them are for their 600nit new panels. This panels are made for shooting outside.

    As far as I checked other monitors none of them have anything like it.

  • I didn't realize it was due to the specific new panel. I'll edit my post as I don't want to mis represent.

    thanks for the quick response.

  • Hi @RatLabProductions

    It's not major but a bit disappointing as the CT700 wasn't supposed to have leaks. Here are two shots. The large blooms somehow don't seem to affect the image to my eyes - it's only the small but fairly bright leak on the bottom that disappoints. Anyone else experience anything like this?

    1280 x 960 - 211K
    960 x 1280 - 191K
  • I agree with you that bright one at bottom looks like it would interfere. The top blooms look pretty normal to me for IPS display.

    thanks for posting the pictures.

  • I just received my monitor in the mail. Shipping was really quick and customs fees were reasonable. I just picked up an HDMI cable this morning so I can only comment on build and first impressions.

    This monitor is really compact for a 7". I am so glad I didn't go for the 5" metal that weighs more. The screen and build quality are nice. I can't wait to hook it up and check out the image and exposure tools. How have people found is the best way to match it to GH3 LCD?

    My monitor didn't come with an AC adapter. I'm not sure if its supposed to but there is an spot in the packaging for where it should have been. Also there is no HDMI cable but I didn't expect one and was too bone headed to order one in advance or swing by the store.

    So far I am very impressed.

  • After a few days of playing with the monitor I am still very impressed.

    It has a few small light leaks along the bottom. Similar to those seen earlier in the thread. It doesn't bother me that much as they are in the black bar space on the bottom in 16x9 mode and don't seem to effect the image.

    I have only calibrated the monitor to the GH3 LCD by eye and it seems pretty good. Really I am using this mainly for framing/focus/false colour. I have read of people loading bars as a jpg and trying to match the screens up that way but I haven't tried it yet. Would love to hear what others settings are and or how they calibrated it to the GH3.

    As others have mentioned it would be great to have a few more function buttons. Having to choose just 2 can be tough but I have different user settings for tripod interview (false colour/Pixel-pixel) or run and gun (clip guides, focus peaking). I wouldn't give up the compact form of this monitor for a few more buttons on the other version of this monitor. 7" is a little large for handhold run and gun but its not too bad. Really it isn't much bigger than the 5.6" ones and when on sticks the size is amazing.