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Control your GH3 from a Web Browser - Now with video !
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  • @Lufthmmel Looking forward to this! @Brian_Siano if you get focus by the GUI and press a button and focus again and press a button and you wait the time from A to B and press a button... and the every time you press the button the saved scenery gets repeated, wouldn't that help? on top of that setting... lets say if you could adjust a curve? bezier preferred? ...just improvising.

  • I'm working on a wireless FF using Arduino borads and shields (add ons) and from my experience I can say, its quiet easy to set up a hardware_knob <-> USB_interface system (only getting it mechanically together is some work, e.g. putting it in a sturdy box;-) But what about an USB controller:


    Thumbs up for the good work!

  • @hellrazor Not sure if I follow your description. But here's what I was thinking.

    1: You take your camera to the start point of your shot. You adjust focus, aperture, shutter speed, whatever. 2: On your web browser, a set of values for these settings appears. 3: When you have the settings right, you designate this set of values as "Set #1" 4: You move the camera to a point where the new settings will kick in. Again, you adjust focus, aperture, whatever. 5: Again, these new values appear on the web browser. 6: Again, when you have the settings right for this new camera position, you designate this "Set #2." 7: Repeat the above for any further changes during the shot. 8: Click on a button that says "Set #1." The camera adjusts to the first set of settings Begin the shot. 9: As the camera moves to the point described in step 4 above, you click on the "Set #2" button. The camera adjusts to the second set of settings.

    I should say that I don't own a GH3 yet, that I don't know if this is at all possible, and that you ought to focus on what current GH3 users want before trying to meet my suggestions. But if you like this idea, and if it's possible, I figure people might like this capability.

  • Thanks for this so far - a nice added help for me on the GH3.

  • I just had the experience that WLAN from the GM1 is good just for a couple of meters. Are there alternatives rather than keeping an Access Point (e.g. nearby? Actually... I will investigate using OPENWRT on a tp-link 703n. Maybe we could run the app on it!

  • Here is my first (pre-) Alpha Version of my application available:

    The source is under the Apache License. In the moment the application is very chatty, and the structure not yet finalized. But I'll do my best to add all basic features in the next weeks. Any help is very appreciated!

    You will find a super JAR on the Wiki Tab (Downloads). To build from source best way is to use Maven, a Pom is part of the source. To start the program just type in: java -jar "name of jar file" on the command line. Start your Lumix and connect to your network. In the menu of the application just select "Connect". In the moment only LiveView, Shutter and Aperture are working. Please click on "Get Lens Info" to get the allowed aperture values.

    And keep in mind - this is currently just the prototype.

    You should also notice a lot of information in your terminal during the run of the application. This will be removed in later versions.


    @lenuisible: thanks for your excellent effort, and I take some of your code as base for my program. If you dislike post me a note and I'll remove your code.

  • I can confirm aperture working, live view working and shutter release working, OS mavericks here.
    Thanks @Lufthummel, @lenuisible and all of you guys for the hard work =)

  • @valdi99 Thanks for testing and confirming that it works the same with the G6

    @Brian_Siano & @Psyco what you’d like to achieve is doable but the challenge will be to have smooth rack focusing because there is only 2 speeds available, and obviously those 2 speeds depend on the lens used. The slow one can be really slow, and you will be limited by the number of commands you can send to the camera with it staying up to speed.

    You could also use the "touch to focus" to memorize the different focus point you’re interested in, but I didn’t clearly understand what the value sent means when you touch the screen somewhere, it needs more work.

    @Lufthummel Thanks for working on this, it’s great to see someone looking into it. Do you have a way to capture the traffic between the camera and the app, or are you only using what’s provided in the html code ? Don’t hesitate to ask me if you need something, It may take some time as I may have to get my access point and switch out of the closet, but it’s doable during the week-end. Rgds

  • Currently I'm just re-implementing what you have already coded in your HTML page. I think this covers already most of the functionality which can be controlled remotely. I have also installed Wireshark which was helpful to get an idea about the UPnP traffic - but the CLING workbench is much better for it ( Next after coding basic functionality I try to understand what the UPnP services can really do.

    But thanks for your offer and I'll come back to you for sure :-)

  • Warning to all G6 users - do not install the latest firmware update 1.2! WiFi connection is even worse than ever. I'm not able to get a stable connection which lasts more than a few seconds!

    And they changed (!!!) the protocol so ImageApp, Lumix Link and my own App are not working correctly in the moment.

    Be aware of that!!

  • Some updates here on the protocol changes:

    Setting of the focus has changed: instead of the value 1024 for near and 0 for infinity focus it now seems that the range is 65535/0.

    The GET-Requests for focus are not working: http://ip/cam.cgi?mode=camctrl&type=focus&value=wide-fast ist not working and you are not getting any results until you press the shutter button on the camera. Response is : err_reject,5693464,5693444

    Same for wide-normal, tele-normal, tele-fast. But sometimes these commands seem to work . Live View is extremely slow, a lot of timeouts occur (both direct connection as well as if the G6 is part of my network).

    Other GET commands seem to work but sometimes I've strange reactions on the camera.

    Really interesting is the ping: <10ms on Windows or Android phone, >1800ms on OSX Maverick...

  • Hellouuuu! I got my new GM1 and tested your nice LiveView. But LiveView will stop after some seconds. I must click "Connect"-Button again to reactivate LiveView. BUT "shutter release" button works always! hope this helps.

  • Would very much like to download this, but having an epic fail. I appreciate that the code is in the LumixLink_stillCapture.jpg which needs to be renamed to .zip but not getting anything that can be unzipped. Any chance you could upload the code to a project on bitbucket or github?

  • @Zaphod no, you have to download "", unzip it, etc... You can also look at @Lufthummel code at

  • @lenuisible Looks like a great app! I'm interested in trying this but I can't find my gh3's ip address. I've used ip scanner and network utility but no luck.

    Does anyone know how to find this ip on a mac?

  • @andrevanberlo Do you mean the GH3's IP?
    System Preferences - Network - here it will show below the status when connected to camera's wifi.
    Also if you click in the Advanced buton and then go to TCP/IP tab =)

  • @maxr Got it!!! Thanks! Stupid thing is I've connected to this camera via wifi a million times but I never new where to look. :-)

  • I tried it with the Panasonic HC-V727 and it works!! I also added some missing commands, like record stop. But LiveView ist not working. Maybe it streams another video format. What can i do to determine what format is used?

  • @yasdfgr you can look at the 3rd post on 1st page, the "Network Capture" part. A rooted android device seems the simplest way.

  • This thread is very interesting! I was hopping to use the remote focus command to perform focus stacking on my new FZ1000. However the network doesn't seems to be working as the GH3, it seems that I absolutely need to do a direct link with a smartphone. Anyone knows if it is possible to remote control the fz1000 with this method?

    -Update: After playing a little bit more with the thing, I figured out that just needed to use a wireless laptop and do a direct connect rather than using my home network. The IP address of the FZ1000 is, I don't know if it is the case for all FZ1000... Most commands from the GH3 works, except that I will have to update some list with the actual FZ1000 possible values. (Ex ISO 125). Thanks a lot for sharing, very good stuff!

    -Update: I have very few knowledge in javascript. I think I managed to do something interesting so I tough it would be a good idea to share. Feel free to improve my solution for focus stacking. So here how it works:

    1-First start the Controls.html, then focus_stack.html. (Or you can add it as another Frame.) 2-Adjust your focus manually. (Not too far to start because the script goes in that direction.) 3-Adjust the number of shots per images. This is the number of shot to stack to make a picture. Note that at this time, the focus range is either normal or fast, so if you need the whole focusing range, you will need to increase this value. If you want less shots per pictures, edit the file focus_stack.html to set the speed to _fast instead of _normal. 4-Adjust the interval per image. This is the time between multiple picture. Example if you want to make a movie out of it. If you just want one picture, set this number very high, ex: 999999. 5-Click Start Focus Stacking. 6-Click again to stop when enough sample are capture.

    Don't forget if your address is different then to edit the address in focus_stack.html. I made a global variable to have to change it to only one place...


    -Update: I forgot to mention, make sure to use electronic shutter when using my script as it can produce a large amount of pictures!
  • is this working with the GH4?

  • Probably yes

  • Yes, it works with the GH4. I'm currently add new features to my pure JAVA app (see code here -> ) but running still in the timeout issue. After some seconds I got Socket Timeout exceptions:

    25.08.2014 18:20:31 de.olumix.iunxtio.gui.LiveViewPanel startLiveView INFO: Receive timed out

    Maybe somebody has an idea how to fix it - I would rather concentrate on new feature :-)

  • Does it work well with a G6 ?