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Remote monitoring for GH1/2
  • Hi!

    The last bit for my steadycam I need, is a way to monitor the actual picture (framing and focus). I could go by only setting up a small monitor on the rig via HDMI, but remote focus operated by someone else would be much better.

    So, I thought about going all wireless.

    Option A:
    Keeping my GH1, putting a small camera right on the view finder and adding a wireless video transmitter. This could be SD or HD.

    Option B:
    Get a GH2 and get some HDMI transmitter.

    To view the picture, I would set up one monitor with receiver or via cable on the steadycam rig (for the steadycam operator) and one coupled with a remote focus controll extra.

    I would also go with a b/w camera, if the IQ is better than with a colour camera, as I heard to focus (and light a scene) is much easier in b/w. The transmitter only needs a reliable range of 10m (no walls in between), which should be no problem.

    Now comes the hard part: Besides working out how to remotely control a motor driving the focus gear I will have to find a small camera and/or transmitter that fits my needs.

    1) What do you think about the idea at all?

    2) Do you think using a video camera on the EVF will work? Will SD be good enough? Knows anybody a decent video camera with good IQ to do this?

    3) 720p50 on the GH2 is still not working if a HDMI device is connected, right? (That would be a problem for me.) Do we get some analog output when recording in 720p50?

    4) Has anybody a good guide on how to built your own wireless motor controll? (I think a stepper motor will be the best way to get precise focus controll)

    Small video camera with transmitter:
    HDMI transmitter:

    Stepper motor:
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  • A big ask - but wouldn't it be great to switch several GH2 cameras from a Master Control room, O.B. Van or just across the
    room from your smart phone!
    A good place to start might be the Arduino:
  • @Roberto

    I think thats going a bit to far, as I wan't to start using the steady rig and not spending another year by setting up a wireless network;-)

    But the arduino looks very nice, especially with the addon to drive DC motors - I'm very tempted to get into this right now..................oh wait, must resist............................want to shoot O.o

    Thanks for the information, maybe I will use a device like that later on in my steadycam project.

    About controlling the cam from a mobile phone or iPad, I don't like that very much, as simple monitor and a electro-mechanical focus controller (a real knob to twist) will be more durable, cheap and work better.
  • Can't resist: "O.B. Van" - Kenobi ?
  • Terradek cube + ipad looks like a quick sollution for framing etc (but not for critical focus work)

    Teradek Cube streaming from 5DMkII to iPad from Teradek on Vimeo.

    I'm also looking into the arduino and stepper motors for controlling a slider. Pleace add any findings to this post :)
  • @Psyco
    Sorry, here "O.B. van"="outside broadcast van" (mobile Master Control studio, especially for sports & events). No Jedi involved.