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Mosaic Engineering VAF-XTi filter for T2i, T3i, T4i (550D-650D)
  • Bought the Mosaic Engineering Anti-Aliasing filters for my 550D and 5d mkii, and am pretty pleased with breathing new life in the 550D. Doesn't remove all artifacts, but quite a lot. Also tested it on a Sigma 8-16mm. No vignetting on wide end, but focusing is no longer reliable according to markings on the lens - so must be done by eye. Stress test video below:

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  • Looks good. How does the filter affect stills? Do you have to remove it when you want to shoot stills?

  • Yes - should be removed. Stills go a bit mushy with the filter installed.

  • Great results. I think T3i with Magic Lantern Firmware for HDR video and other tweaks, custom picture styles, VAF-TXi and careful grading and sharpening in post is a good option for indie production.

  • @eyenorth

    Can I ask you how many time from place the order and payment for the filter to the moment they did the shipping and inform the tracking number?

  • @apefos Service was good - I ordered to Europe via firm that organizes customs and import. Mosaic Engineering contacted me 1 or 2 days after the order was placed to confirm that all was ok and promptly sent the filters. From them sending until it went to the import firm was only a matter of a few days - then a 3 or 4 days more to handle the import to Europe. The new 5d mkii filter is very good too - used it down to 19mm with image sharpness all through frame at all apertures.