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first payed job, feedback wanted
  • my first payed job as title suggests, still learnoing lots so go easy but constructive criticism is very welcome to help improve ! shot on gh2 with various legacy glass in less than ideal lighting situations, edited with adobe premier pro and after effects cs6 thanks @shian for colorghear (my grading still needs alot of work but its a fantastic tool! ) and @Driftwood for moon patch and @Ralph_B for sanity 5 which some of this was filmed on too because i was caught with only a 16gb card on me at a point! :) thanks guys

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  • @jakepowell

    Nice job Jake!

    Here is one thing I find that could've been done slightly different. It seems to me a bit claustrophobic, all the shots are detail shots. I understand that this was the intention, but the thing I miss is the reaction, some personalization of the process, an eye of the craftsman, detail of the facial muscle etc etc, something to make it human. It would stay in that detail style, which is what you wanted to be able to "uncover" the chair and show us what the process we're watching is all about. Few shots are almost repeated, it kind of stops the flow of the work process. For this form, audience has to be more and more curious with every new shot.

    Everything else is fine, photography is very clean, music is spot on, and graphics and post stuff is also very nice. How did you do the last shot on white background with the reflective floor?

  • +1 @inqb8tr

    Very nice filming, nice shots, well edited, music as mentioned, spot on. I also would have loved to see a face or something. i think you can even stay in the close-up system. you dont have to go wide. But as said before, a face muscle etc that would have been the iceing on the cake :) besides that, very good job!

  • I agree with others, fantastic work ... humanise it ... the face can always be used as temporal ellipse

  • cheers guys, your points and advise is a great resource to me as i learn. i agree it needs some personal aspects, some humanity , unfortunately the company specified we focus on the designer rather than the upholsterer , therefore i think this human aspect will have to come from an interview situation with designers , but that may just do it intercut.... hopefully that will open it up as well stop its being so claustrophobic... @inqb8tr that last shot is photography studio (i piggybacked a photoshoot to take advantage of some killer lights infinity cove and that cool reflective plastic stuff they lay on the floor) certainly helped out i feel ... cheers again guys

  • Everyone has made some really great points. Balance in composition as well as sequence is something every art program in the world teaches. Some of us are fortunate enough to pick up on it instinctually, and we feel special until we find out that every art student on the planet is being taught the same thing, and that it's nothing new. BUT it is one of the many crucial factors in making compelling and beautiful works.

    Good stuff - keep at it.