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Philip Bloom workshop in Miami
  • Quantum 9b. Panasonic 35-100/2.8. Some tweaks with ColorGhear.

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  • I think every script writer or director would like PB to be the cameraman (he is good in what he does).

    But I have a simple question that suddenly came up in my mind (about workshops)...

    What does he teaches that cannot be found in internet forums, reviews, tutorials and teaching websites? (video and text sites)

    Would it be just a celebrity meeting? Or there is a real benefit?

  • It's funny you ask that because I did not know what to expect either before I went to this workshop, it was actually my first ever photo or video workshop. Honestly most of the stuff I could have found on the internet like you said. However it was still cool seeing his workflow and the tools he uses for editing, grading etc. For most it was probably a celebrity meeting, I have been following his blog for a long time so I couldn't pass up going since it was in my city.

  • Good answer!

    Hope you (and PB) don't mind I ask how much did you pay for the workshop and how many time duration it was.

    If you prefer, answer me in private message. Thanks.

  • The workshop was the whole day... 9am-6pm! Overall it was a great experience. You could tell pb has alot of experience shooting, and I'm talking about he knew best setups for all cameras people would ask about.