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Drinking and Driving PSA
  • Here's a little PSA we were working on for the past couple months. Shot it 1080 but uploaded at 720 since most people who watch this aren't going to blow it up to full screen and pixel peep like we do! :) It was a fun little project and I know where the weak spots are. Damn you LCW ND filter and rolling shutter!!!! Anyways, hope you like it.

    Directed by: Vic Harris Produced and Written by: Shelli Wright Production Team: Ryan McBay, Ed Spangler, John Wrendinthal, Jay Brown and Timmy "Tip Toes" Tomlin Sound: Pete Grainger Edited by: Van Rueben Cop: J.R. Craig VO: Lee Kanne "Another One Rides the Bus" sung by: Greg Vautour

    Filmed and stared in by real Veterans and Law Enforcement Personnel

    Gear used: Cameras: Panasonic GH2's with Driftwoods Apocalypse Now 'Boom!' - Intra GOP1 24p Flat 4 matrix hack, shot at 1080/24P

    Lenses: Rokinon 14mm T1.5 Cine, 24mm T1.5 Cine, 85mm T1.5 Cine, Tokina 11-16mm 2.8, SLR Magic 12mm 1.6, Nikon AIs 50mm 1.8, 105mm 2.8

    Lights: 3 Kino Divas, 508 LEDs, 312AS LEDs,

    Grip: Bogen 316 Head and Sticks, Dolly + track, Customized Camtree Car Mount Rig,

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  • @vicharris Pro stuff here. Well done. Lot of good things here. I like the small dolly in on the driver inside the car - perfect. Music of course. Bueller reference and sound for that nicely composed bus shot. Cop composition of his close up was pure David Lynch. Really well done - client must have been ecstatic.

  • Is that bike rider Woody Harrelson? :)

    Nice work.

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