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May I have your recommendation for optimal 720p/24/30/60 hack for my needs, please?
  • I make instructional videos only; no art. I need decent slo-mo, at human movement scale only (no bullets hitting lightbulbs). Running, jumping, etc. I do not want to do any correction in post (to the footage, I mean, talking about lifting shadows, changing exposure). I just want the best 720p for my needs, straight out of camera directly.

    All I need is the cleanest rendition of human movement, and only at 720p. I have GH2, second system sound, Panny 25/1.4, CV 12/5.6 on adapter, and Lumix 14/2.5, ancillary gear.

    I have watched footage from Sanity, Driftwood, and others; I would very much like other's input on this. The camera will only be used for video; I shoot other gear for stills. TIA, KL

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  • Thank you for replying, Vitaliy; but none of the posts in this thread are definitive in regards to my needs. I have watched the mpgxsvcd videos, too. Because most of the posters here are interested in ultimate 1080 quality, the 720p shooters do not seem to have a clear direction, hence my post.

  • Topic I referenced is made for questions like you, not for expecting ready answers.

  • So, to be clear, do you wish me to repost there?

  • And how fo you thing yourself?

  • I have no idea what you mean; can you rephrase your reply, please? Not trying to be difficult; I just do not understand what you wrote.

  • Topic closed, repost. Period.

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